Monday, November 8, 2010

Thursday Zoo Day

When we got our passes at the beginning of the year, we started planning with our friends down the street to have a fun Zoo day with the mommies and kiddos. Pregnancy sickness (my friend--not me) and a HOT summer later, we finally went on Thursday.

It was a lot of fun. We were able to carpool there and Annabelle rode facing forward for the first time! Our baby is becoming a little girl! The boys enjoyed themselves throughly and Annabelle even glanced at an animal or two. The Mommies even enjoyed girl/mommy talk. I forgot my camera, so all is documented through my phone or Kim's camera.

Getting ready to go and all excited about the zoo.
Mister Grizzly was really active.
Up-close and personal with the Jaguar
There happened to be a few schools there on field trips, so it was a little more crowded than we expected. However, I really liked the picture of the boys looking at the Hippos. One day, they'll be on the same trip...
The hippos decided to move when we were there
The boys really loved the reptiles--- here they're groovin' to the crocodile.
We spent some time with the goats and the boys were really into brushing and feeding them. Cute video to follow.

We also caught a few fish--- of course, Jared calls them gooey fish. Mickey fan, through and through.

They sure like hanging out and they sure like the zoo!

I'm so grateful to have such great friends. It makes the days that much sweeter and I always look forward to a new memory made.

Click {HERE} for the Hedges' tale. :)

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