Tuesday, November 30, 2010


In the weeks leading up to Turkey Day, us neighborhood gals realized that we were all planning personal Thanksgivings within walking distance of each other, so we decided to combine it all and have one big neighborhood Thanksgiving. (That plus we didn't want Kim to do more than she needed to since she's in her Third Trimester). ;) So, a few weeks before we had a planning meeting and split up the menu to keep stress to a minimum.

We had a total of 12 adults, two 2-yr-olds, and two 1-yr-olds. It ended up working great! We had all of the yummy Thanksgiving staples, including homemade rolls & pies, delicious yams and stuffing and deep-fried bird! After getting the deep-fryer last year, we were all over the turkey. Most at our get-together had never tried deep-fried Turkey before.

The missionaries came over and had us all talk about what we were thankful for. Listening to what everyone had to say reminded me just how grateful I am for my family, but also the amazing friends that we have made here. It truly feels like home. I also thought about Parker and the incredible sacrifice he's making to serve the Lord and further the gospel. Of course, when it got to my turn to share, I got emotional thinking about all of these things. It's times like those I wish I could control my emotions a little bit better.

After dinner, we sat around (which MeMa did dishes--- how amazing is that?), digested, talked, played a little Mario Kart and just enjoyed each other. It was nice ending to a fun day. I hope we are able to show our children just how important it is to be grateful for what we've been given.

*yay for Rachel and Kim taking pictures because I took two... maybe...*

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  1. SO GREAT! What a wonderful time you all had. It is great being with family, but church family and friends can be even better. No fights. HAHA. I wish we lived closer. What a ball.



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