Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

What a weekend! We had a great, exhausting, fun, and LONG weekend. Here's photographic proof:

The play-by-play:
FRIDAY: Truck-or-Treat! Jared and Belle's costumes have been planned for a while. Jared's costumes from last year could be easily turned into Luke, so I wanted to make Annabelle's to match--- Princess Leia. It was really easy, much easier than Jared's first costume. In fact, I finished making Annabelle's at the beginning of the month--- I knew the rest of the month would be CRAZY and I wanted to get it done.

So, this whole time Greg and I talked about dressing up as Anakin and Padme, but it wasn't until the beginning of the week when Greg asked if I really wanted to do it? YEAH! So, we got ourselves costumes that I'll spruce up with my crafty skills each time we wear them. The kids may not be Luke or Leia again, but Greg and I will definitely show our nerdiness and be their geeky parents. :) A few people knew exactly who we were and others thought Belle and I were two different versions of Leia. If they got confused, we had Jared tell them who we were (we practiced it during the week).

Since we dressed up as Star Wars characters, we wanted to decorate our car in the same way. I hearkened back to my high school pinata making days and crafted a Death Star the night before. We then found a toy TIE fighter and hung it next to the Death Star. We finished the car off by playing the music on in the background. It was AWESOME. We kept getting complements about how cool it looked and we ended up being one of the winning cars!

Jared loved Trick-or-Treating. Greg took him around and by the time they got back to our car Jared couldn't carry his bag anymore. After the trick-or-treating there was a carnival inside. Greg's boys were in charge of a Balloon room--- exactly what it sounds like--- it was a room filled with balloons. Greg tried to take Jared in there and he did not like it at all--- so sad because it looked like fun! His favorite part, beside the cupcake, was the fishing booth. Classic trick-or-treat game and Jared was so excited to get a Mickey game!

SATURDAY: After the fun of Friday, you'd think we'd take a day off and rest--- NOPE! I happened to be one of the women in charge of our ward's Super Saturday!!! Greg and the kids spent the day trying to relax and have fun while I spent 9-4 back at the church. From what I've been told it went really well and I hope to be apart of the planning next year too!

I got home just in time to have dinner and get the kids costumed up to go to the Zoo. Our Zoo does a family friendly activity with Halloween every year and since we had tickets from getting a zoo membership, we decided to invite some friends and go. IT WAS CRAZY! We had a great time with our friends, but the zoo was PACKED! We thought the animals would be awake too, but it was basically just booths with sponsors handing out candy. Jared kept asking me where the animals were and we had to tell him they were sleeping. We asked a policeman if it was always this busy and he said this was double the amount of people he was used to seeing. At least we had fun enough for the kiddos to pass out on the way home and sleep in their costumes.

SUNDAY: We got up and donned our black and orange for church. We decided not to go Trick-or-Treating since we had two straight days and Halloween happened to fall on a Sunday this year. Jared didn't know either way and I'm thinking, when it happens again in 6-7 years, that we will make a big deal about watch Halloweenish movies and playing games just to make it extra special with staying inside.

We still passed out candy and Jared helped a lot with that. He turned on his little boy charm for this group of girls when he said 'Happy Halloween' to them, they all went 'AAAWWW.' It was so cute. We didn't have as many Trick-or-Treaters as I thought we'd have but that was partly my fault. I thought I turned on our porch light when I accidentally turned it off. Whoops...

Plus, when they were on they were actually black lights, so apparently people didn't know if we were home or not. Oh well... we know better for next year.

I've been planning for this past weekend for a WHILE and it's really nice to have it over.... now I just got to get ready for a little girl's FIRST birthday in NINE DAYS!!!!


  1. Cute costumes! What did you use for Annabelle's buns?

  2. A-A room filled with balloons!? That's totally one of my dreams. Ever since seeing it in "Patch Adams" I have wanted to go into a room filled with balloons.

    Anyway, you guys look great. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun, too. =)

  3. Happy Halloween! Love the outfits! You are such a talented and crafty Mom, Amber!



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