Friday, November 26, 2010

Gratitude Turkey 2010

Here's what we were grateful for this time around:

Greg: Mommy, chocolate & peanut butter, wipes, helping hands, french fries, airplanes, blankets, support staff, D&C, Annabelle & Jared, veterans, lunch dates, cake, surprises, plates, pomegranates, family, email, testimony, Book of Mormon, Teachers (as in the boys), texting, steel toed shoes, good job
Amber: Family time, democracy, Daddy, friends, gospel, ear plugs, phones, doctors, simple solutions, Annabelle & Jared, technology, audio scriptures, good music, jackets, strollers, dishwasher, portable DVD player, simple pleasures, Netflix, Saturdays, Tithing, Deals, clean house, personal revelation
Jared: Jesus & Heavenly Father*, Tylenol, fruit snacks, animals, Pixar, booms!*, potty time, Caleb, play time, Annabelle, mommy's phone, missionaries, Gramma, pb & j, warm hats, muppets, funny noises, dinosaurs, airplanes, Daddy & Mommy, singing time, finger paints, good food, grandparents
Annabelle**: teeth, monkeys, hair bands, strollers, Daddy, chocolate milk, puffs, fruit, lil' stuffed monkey, my birthday, amoxicillin, new shoes, Gramma, goldfish crackers, warm blankets, bananas, noodles, Jared, helicopters, chocolate & pb, noise makers, water, peek-a-boo, visitors

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving!

*No kidding, we asked him what makes him happy and he said "Heavenly Father and Jesus." The problem came in later days when that's all he would say when we asked for that day. :)

*This was the day of the air show :)

**These are observations from the rest of the family, since Belle can't really tell us what she's grateful for yet.

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