Thursday, November 18, 2010

Annabelle is ONE: Part Two

Since Annabelle wasn't feeling great on her birthday AND I didn't get a chance to make a cake AND Gramma came down for the Saturday, we decided to have more birthday celebrations on Saturday. So, where do we take visitors first? THE ZOO! You'd think the kiddos would be sick of it, but NO!

Over the last few months, we've noticed Annabelle really liking monkeys. She has this one monkey (that was actually a gift from when Jared was born) that she LOVES! On this trip to the zoo, we noticed how much she loves real monkeys too. She got all excited when one was just across the glass from her.

This time around Gramma, Mama, and Jared only ventured into the Lori's Landing and boy, I wish we didn't. After having a morning full of nectar, they are not very nice in the early afternoon. One particular bird tried first to eat my sunglasses, then my shirt and lastly my hand. Jared and Belle (through the fence) thought it was funny to see birdies on Mama, so at least we had that going for us.

Another giggle from this time around was the little kiddo area. Jared was able to fish, Annabelle bounced on the water bed and they both climbed into the prairie dog hole with their Daddy. (it's meant for kids 6 and under... not late twenties males :O. It was so funny to hear the moaning and groaning as he came in and out; like the good wife that I am, I got pictures.

That evening it was finally time for Birthday cake! The Hedges came over, we stripped and bibbed Annabelle and let the mess commence! Just like her brother, it got progressively worse. She started poking at it, until she realized it was chocolate, then she let off the brakes and went to town! As she continued it just got messier and more cute as she would rub her eyes or lick her fingers. Jared kept telling us that she was messy and would laugh--- what a cook!

We ended the celebration of our little girl by a hose-down in the bathtub. We're so grateful to have little Annabelle in our lives. She's even more awesome then she was a year ago (and she was a great baby)! We're definitely excited to see her grow into a little girl. :)

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