Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Toddler Car Wash

Saturday was our first break from weekend activities in a while, so we did some things around the house. It was a really good idea to do so because we are going to be busy busy in the upcoming weeks!

Gweg's job for the day was to install this beauty on the house:We now get free HD channels! Boo-yeah! In a couple month's time the money we spent on the antenna will be back with the money we save from having cable! Woo hoo!

Jared and I spent most of the day washing my car. She was neglected for so long, we had to wash her three times! I felt so bad, but now she's beautifully blue! Jared LOVED helping me. He had his own towel and told me where to spray. He had a great time and it showed; most of the water from his towel ended up down his front side. It may have had something to do with his technique, what do you think?

We also put up some outside Halloween decor. Jared loves the webs and tells me every night to turn the goo-goo eyes on.


  1. Too cool! Does he hire out so he can do our car?

  2. Looks like he wants his Jiji.



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