Monday, October 4, 2010

Our 'Sodor' Adventure

Oh man--- where oh where to do I begin? When we went to {Inner Space Caverns} with Gramma over Labor Day, I noticed a flier that had the coloring similar to a certain blue engine loved by toddlers. I picked it up and thought, 'oh no.' The flier was for {A Day Out with Thomas}.

Conspiring with our neighbors, who have frequently made guest appearances on the blog {read their tale of the journey HERE and a cute video of the boys during conference HERE}, we make the trek up to Sodor (also known as Burnet) so Jared and Caleb could visit their favorite blue engine.

When we arrived we attempted to eat lunch--- meaning the adults ate and the kiddos begged to go around the building to see Thomas! We tried our best to get them to eat, but the alure of Thomas kept calling for them.
However, Thomas wasn't the only one there. Sir Topham Hatt decided to make the journey to Texas with Thomas. While waiting in line, the boys explored the train tracks with their Daddys.

Then they met Sir Hatt. Both seemed a little apprehensive, but as soon as they realized he could give high five's, they decided to allow the Mommies to take pictures.
Before we took the all-important train ride, we explored what the rest of Sodor had to offer. Along with meeting Sir Topham Hatt, we had time to color, get temporary tattoos, take a few potty breaks and pose for a picture with Thomas! The boys thought the tattoos were stickers. :)
Since we enjoyed all Sodor had to offer the boys got a special surprise: a Thomas camera to remember their day! Here they are taking pictures of Thomas!
Annabelle was even excited to see Thomas! Looks kind of these {pictures}, huh? I'm thinking all our babies will have this type of picture taken. :)

Then it was time to ride the rails with Thomas! We had the great luck of being in the car right behind him! We took lots of pictures on the train. Sorry about the creepy look on my face... trying to get the baby to look at the camera...(ambo note: I love picnik! The picture Greg took of Jared and I through the window was a little dark, then I lighted it up to see the unprepared look of the Hedges' faces in the background--- BWAH! Too bad, we didn't get a real group pic on the train!)

Jared started the ride with Mommy and then switched to ride with Daddy. He then spent the rest of the ride like this:By this point, his excitement was masked by his overly-tired body--- as soon as he got in the car he passed out. We thought it was a good sign that he enjoyed the excursion. The same little town has a live nativity during the holidays and we're thinking we might have to make the trip again.

The rest of the photographic evidence:

Thanks for coming with us Hedges! We had a great time!

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  1. Cool, looks like all y'all had fun. And it looks like they want their Jiji!



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