Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Highlights

Here's some things I might have missed in the craziness of October...

Annabelle is already trying to work the Daddy. I couldn't resist taking a picture of this... she's trying to give him a pouty face because she wants his phone...

We had dinner at a friend's one weekend and Jared got a few bug bites on his face. A couple days later it looked like this and I took him to the doctor... yikes!

Annabelle is loving Jared's cars now. She climbs over and onto them. Now Jared is learning the true meaning of sharing...
Annabelle climbed under the Little People airport and got stuck... it was so cute I had to take a picture (instead of freeing her)
Jared's really into pretend play right now. One day at lunch, he took his pretzels and made a catapillar that turned into a snake. :)
Annabelle is pretty much a table food eater now. She has a couple baby food dinner we still like to get her, just in case she can't/doesn't eat dinner. One thing she likes is tomatoes (woo hoo).
We made Halloween cookies as a reward for Jared's earning CTRs. He called them 'Mickey cookies' because we have a mickey mouse cookie cutter.
Annabelle has a new favorite spot: the toddler chair. She crawls over to the book shelf and grabs a specific book she's looking for and goes back to the chair to read and/or eat it.
Last week while at Kohl's, Annabelle crawled over to the mirror in the dressing room and found her mirror self. This was as I was attempting to dress myself. I hear her laughing once I'm done and I come out to see this...She was giving kisses to herself in the mirror. What a goof. October was very crazy and very full of fun and exhausting memories... here's to November!


  1. Those bug bites don't look very fun. I like that Annabelle likes to lounged and "read."

  2. I love that in the last picture she's only wearing one shoe.

  3. Parker really likes mirror play too! Its so fun to watch!



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