Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jared's First Campout

***note: This is just the story I was told. Greg needs to read this and add things I missed since I wasn't there.***

Our stake has an annual Father/Son campout every October, so this year Greg tag teamed with Josh (our neighbors) and they took Jared and Caleb. We've been pumping him up for this activity for a while now. Telling him how much fun it is to camp, sleep in a tent, and sit by the camp fire. Greg even told him they'd be able to p on trees (silly Daddy).

I was super bummed to miss Jared's first campout but really excited for them to go and have fun. Plus, Annabelle and I had our first Mommy/Daughter shopping trip and I had movie night with Caleb's mommy, Kim. It was a win-win situation. :)

Apparently (since I'm telling this story third-person style) they had a great time. The boys played in the dirt, climbed on picnic table and went for a few walks. They even pretended to go fishing (Jared's current fascination). Since it was a new experience, Jared had a hard time getting to sleep. They first went into the tent at 8 ish because Jared asked to go... 30 minutes later he told Greg he was done with sleeping. Out of the tent they went to expend some more energy and they finally crashed around 1030.

Since there's nothing to stop the sun and nature noises, both toddlers woke up early. Greg said he heard Caleb in the next tent over yell 'good morning Jared' when he woke up. Oh so cute! After a french toast breakfast, the boys hit the trail again and caught some more pretend fish.

When they got home, Jared ran up to me and said 'mommy I peed on tree.' I guess that's Guy Code for 'I had so much fun and can't wait to go camping again!'

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