Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting Ready

I don't have a video today---- I'll have plenty tomorrow. We're going on an adventure to the island of Sodor to visit Jared's favorite blue engine---Thomas is in Austin tomorrow. Oh man... listening to conference through our phones as much as we can while we don't lose our minds.

Even though I don't have a video, I have another gem. The kids and I got the Halloween stuff out today. I love decorating for Halloween. Jared now walks through the house saying 'Halloween deckraytions." I would have to say that's mission accomplished!

We went through our costume tub and this is what happened...

Darth Jared. He was even doing the heavy breathing sound effect--- I stop laughing just long enough to take the picture.

If that wasn't funny enough--- Yoda Annabelle! I couldn't resist. Even though she looks cute as the awesome green jedi master... she'll look even cuter as Princess Leia!

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