Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Highlights

Here's some things I might have missed in the craziness of October...

Annabelle is already trying to work the Daddy. I couldn't resist taking a picture of this... she's trying to give him a pouty face because she wants his phone...

We had dinner at a friend's one weekend and Jared got a few bug bites on his face. A couple days later it looked like this and I took him to the doctor... yikes!

Annabelle is loving Jared's cars now. She climbs over and onto them. Now Jared is learning the true meaning of sharing...
Annabelle climbed under the Little People airport and got stuck... it was so cute I had to take a picture (instead of freeing her)
Jared's really into pretend play right now. One day at lunch, he took his pretzels and made a catapillar that turned into a snake. :)
Annabelle is pretty much a table food eater now. She has a couple baby food dinner we still like to get her, just in case she can't/doesn't eat dinner. One thing she likes is tomatoes (woo hoo).
We made Halloween cookies as a reward for Jared's earning CTRs. He called them 'Mickey cookies' because we have a mickey mouse cookie cutter.
Annabelle has a new favorite spot: the toddler chair. She crawls over to the book shelf and grabs a specific book she's looking for and goes back to the chair to read and/or eat it.
Last week while at Kohl's, Annabelle crawled over to the mirror in the dressing room and found her mirror self. This was as I was attempting to dress myself. I hear her laughing once I'm done and I come out to see this...She was giving kisses to herself in the mirror. What a goof. October was very crazy and very full of fun and exhausting memories... here's to November!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Video: Cheater

Annabelle is getting closer and closer each day to walking. We noticed over the past couple of weeks that she is able to take a handful of steps but she prefers to crawl because she's super fast.

We took this video last Saturday just after we put Jared down for a nap. We were trying to get her to walk between us and you can see just how unsure she is, but how much fun she was having. Her giggling made it so cute that I just had to get the camera.

Hopefully, she'll have some more steps to show off before her birthday!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jared's First Campout

***note: This is just the story I was told. Greg needs to read this and add things I missed since I wasn't there.***

Our stake has an annual Father/Son campout every October, so this year Greg tag teamed with Josh (our neighbors) and they took Jared and Caleb. We've been pumping him up for this activity for a while now. Telling him how much fun it is to camp, sleep in a tent, and sit by the camp fire. Greg even told him they'd be able to p on trees (silly Daddy).

I was super bummed to miss Jared's first campout but really excited for them to go and have fun. Plus, Annabelle and I had our first Mommy/Daughter shopping trip and I had movie night with Caleb's mommy, Kim. It was a win-win situation. :)

Apparently (since I'm telling this story third-person style) they had a great time. The boys played in the dirt, climbed on picnic table and went for a few walks. They even pretended to go fishing (Jared's current fascination). Since it was a new experience, Jared had a hard time getting to sleep. They first went into the tent at 8 ish because Jared asked to go... 30 minutes later he told Greg he was done with sleeping. Out of the tent they went to expend some more energy and they finally crashed around 1030.

Since there's nothing to stop the sun and nature noises, both toddlers woke up early. Greg said he heard Caleb in the next tent over yell 'good morning Jared' when he woke up. Oh so cute! After a french toast breakfast, the boys hit the trail again and caught some more pretend fish.

When they got home, Jared ran up to me and said 'mommy I peed on tree.' I guess that's Guy Code for 'I had so much fun and can't wait to go camping again!'

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Video: Climber

At the park a couple days ago, Annabelle was REALLY wiggly. I put her down and she started climbing up the equipment--- apparently she wanted to play too.

Well, she went down the baby slide, sat there for a minute or two, and then did this:

Boy am I in trouble....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend we went huntin' for our pumpkins. Through Groupon, I found a fun little farm and we decided it was about time to go--- since we didn't go last year because we moved into our house (yay for being year-long homeowners)! We packed a lunch and off we went!

Jared was so excited the whole way there; he kept talking about how we were going to see chickens, cows, goats, and get pumpkins. So funny...

This farm was pretty fun. They had lots of fun things to do like rubber ducky races, large playground underneath the biggest oak trees I've seen, barrel train ride, tricycle races, fishing pond, tractor rides and a mining station.

There was so much to take in, and the first thing Jared bolted for was the rubber ducky races. It's basically an old water pump and PVC pipe. It was there to illustrate how farmers used to get there water. Once Jared figured out the pump, he pumped his little heart out until the duckies ran out. Annabelle even tried to grab the pump, but she wasn't quite developed in the muscular area to get it to work. :)

One thing could get Jared away from the duckies: pumpkins. Jared couldn't get enough of the pumpkins. He'd pick one up, tell me he found a pumpkin, I'd ask if he wanted to keep it, he'd find another one and the cycle would repeat. He just loved the pumpkins! Annabelle enjoyed the pumpkins too. Greg found her a baby pumpkin and she held onto it for most of the time at the farm.

Once Jared settled on one and we found a larger one to carve at a later date, we set off to the painting area. Jared got his own smock on and began to paint a masterpiece... oh wait, he's a toddler. He really loved telling us the colors before painting them on his pumpkin; he'd even point out the paint brush colors too.

After painting, we got a bag of mining dirt and went down to to mining station to hunt for lost treasure. Greg was so excited to do this with the kids... until Jared started tossing our finds in the water and Belle tried to eat them. In hindsight, the kiddos were a little too young for this activity. However, Jared loves his bag of rocks which currently sit on the table.

Then we were off to feed the goats and chickens. Surprise, surprise, Jared loved to feed the goats. He thought they were funny trying to get at the food. It took him a little while to figure out it was okay for the goats to lick his hands. He even started laughing near the end.

We ended our little excursion with a tractor ride around the Christmas tree farm, playground fun and a picnic lunch. We didn't get a chance to go fishing because all the lines were taken but we definitely will take Jared in the future. He kept saying how he wanted to gooey-fish (from mickey mouse clubhouse).

All in all, we had a great time at the farm. If you couldn't tell... here are the kids with their pumpkin finds!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Video: CTR Man

I forgot I had this on my phone. A few weeks ago, Jared finally put on his CTR cape I made him for his birthday. It was in the middle of winding-down time just before bed. We were all cleaning the playroom when we saw Jared's cape. We asked Jared if he wanted to wear it and much to our surprise he said 'yes.'

He looked so cute running around the room, it was very video worthy.

Stay tuned for pictures from our farm adventures on Saturday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Toddler Car Wash

Saturday was our first break from weekend activities in a while, so we did some things around the house. It was a really good idea to do so because we are going to be busy busy in the upcoming weeks!

Gweg's job for the day was to install this beauty on the house:We now get free HD channels! Boo-yeah! In a couple month's time the money we spent on the antenna will be back with the money we save from having cable! Woo hoo!

Jared and I spent most of the day washing my car. She was neglected for so long, we had to wash her three times! I felt so bad, but now she's beautifully blue! Jared LOVED helping me. He had his own towel and told me where to spray. He had a great time and it showed; most of the water from his towel ended up down his front side. It may have had something to do with his technique, what do you think?

We also put up some outside Halloween decor. Jared loves the webs and tells me every night to turn the goo-goo eyes on.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Our 'Sodor' Adventure

Oh man--- where oh where to do I begin? When we went to {Inner Space Caverns} with Gramma over Labor Day, I noticed a flier that had the coloring similar to a certain blue engine loved by toddlers. I picked it up and thought, 'oh no.' The flier was for {A Day Out with Thomas}.

Conspiring with our neighbors, who have frequently made guest appearances on the blog {read their tale of the journey HERE and a cute video of the boys during conference HERE}, we make the trek up to Sodor (also known as Burnet) so Jared and Caleb could visit their favorite blue engine.

When we arrived we attempted to eat lunch--- meaning the adults ate and the kiddos begged to go around the building to see Thomas! We tried our best to get them to eat, but the alure of Thomas kept calling for them.
However, Thomas wasn't the only one there. Sir Topham Hatt decided to make the journey to Texas with Thomas. While waiting in line, the boys explored the train tracks with their Daddys.

Then they met Sir Hatt. Both seemed a little apprehensive, but as soon as they realized he could give high five's, they decided to allow the Mommies to take pictures.
Before we took the all-important train ride, we explored what the rest of Sodor had to offer. Along with meeting Sir Topham Hatt, we had time to color, get temporary tattoos, take a few potty breaks and pose for a picture with Thomas! The boys thought the tattoos were stickers. :)
Since we enjoyed all Sodor had to offer the boys got a special surprise: a Thomas camera to remember their day! Here they are taking pictures of Thomas!
Annabelle was even excited to see Thomas! Looks kind of these {pictures}, huh? I'm thinking all our babies will have this type of picture taken. :)

Then it was time to ride the rails with Thomas! We had the great luck of being in the car right behind him! We took lots of pictures on the train. Sorry about the creepy look on my face... trying to get the baby to look at the camera...(ambo note: I love picnik! The picture Greg took of Jared and I through the window was a little dark, then I lighted it up to see the unprepared look of the Hedges' faces in the background--- BWAH! Too bad, we didn't get a real group pic on the train!)

Jared started the ride with Mommy and then switched to ride with Daddy. He then spent the rest of the ride like this:By this point, his excitement was masked by his overly-tired body--- as soon as he got in the car he passed out. We thought it was a good sign that he enjoyed the excursion. The same little town has a live nativity during the holidays and we're thinking we might have to make the trip again.

The rest of the photographic evidence:

Thanks for coming with us Hedges! We had a great time!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting Ready

I don't have a video today---- I'll have plenty tomorrow. We're going on an adventure to the island of Sodor to visit Jared's favorite blue engine---Thomas is in Austin tomorrow. Oh man... listening to conference through our phones as much as we can while we don't lose our minds.

Even though I don't have a video, I have another gem. The kids and I got the Halloween stuff out today. I love decorating for Halloween. Jared now walks through the house saying 'Halloween deckraytions." I would have to say that's mission accomplished!

We went through our costume tub and this is what happened...

Darth Jared. He was even doing the heavy breathing sound effect--- I stop laughing just long enough to take the picture.

If that wasn't funny enough--- Yoda Annabelle! I couldn't resist. Even though she looks cute as the awesome green jedi master... she'll look even cuter as Princess Leia!


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