Thursday, September 9, 2010

Inner Space Labor Day

We ventured up to Georgetown for the second half of Labor Day weekend to spend some time to Gramma and 'Aunt Ruth.' Jared and Belle took a whole of five minutes to get used to their new surroundings. Jared spent half the time running around yelling 'Gramma.'

On Monday we decided to explore the cave right next to Gramma's house. We had a great time. Just like his first time in a cave, Jared loved it. He would have loved it even more if the guide went a little faster. He also learned a few new words: stalactites, stalagmites, and cave bacon. Another really neat part about it was the cave residents. The bat colony was really active because it had just rained. I 'almost' got my head taken off a couple times. :) Jared thought it was so cool when they would fly.

Annabelle did great. For a little while, the three of us would rotate the kiddos, until we noticed just how tired the little girl was. So, I held her in my arms and she fell asleep--- on the tour! What a sweetheart! She woke up 20 minutes later and enjoyed the tour with the rest of us while I tried to get feeling back in my arm. :)

Lots and lots of soda straws

Definitely my child... pulling the 'Amber face'

Gramma & Jared

Daddy/Daughter Splunking--- Annabelle's fresh from her nap. :)

The ladies enjoying the one and only sit down opportunity. Belle's still a little tired...

Jared and his Daddy walking up the cave.
After the caves, we spent some relaxing time playing with Gramma and Ruth. Since this was a special place, Jared thought he would show just how much he loves Gramma's house by having another poop-tastrophe!

Let me explain: Lately, if Jared doesn't want to go down for a nap or bed, he'll let you know--- by yelling he has to pee. He knows we come running at that statement... stinker. So, he did so at Gramma's. We did our standard let him talk it out until he passes out until Gramma came in to tell us he's yelling 'Mama I pooped.' When I opened the door, the odor in that room was intense. Detoxification commenced shortly there after---- which Jared hates! For some reason he does not like the shower, so we're trying to teach him that if he poops in the potty then he doesn't have to use the shower--- just the bath.

Shortly after nap and Linner (early dinner), we had to head home because of a certain lady named Hermine (which it was CRAZY wet here on Tuesday--- tropical storm--- check). On the way home we saw the brightest rainbow we've ever seen. It was so beautiful and a nice ending to the weekend. The picture I took doesn't do it justice...

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