Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Pasta Face

Annabelle has been learning the new ins and outs of eating mini versions of table food. She's growing so fast--- I can't believe she turns 1 in a little over a month! CRAZY!

Last night, I left her in the capable hands of her father to score at a consignment sale--- (Jared will never be in want of trains again). She looked like this when I left... notice the spinach on her face :)
When I got home, Greg showed me what the end damage was...This picture totally reminds me of a classic baby picture of my sister... too bad I don't have a digital copy...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Double Feature: Jared sings AGAIN!

So--- here are the other songs I promised. Since it's football season, we taught Jared the BYU Cougar Fight Song. Gotta start him young, right? He doesn't sing it all yet, but with a little help from Mom, he gets right into it. Future cougar... maybe...

Here's another classic. We like singing this to the kids, and he sings it every week in nursery, so with the double time, he learned the words and can sing the first verse. I tear up every time I hear him, maybe it's because I'm an emotional sap or it could be the Spirit testifying to the truth of the lyrics and purity of who's singing them. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Update & Popping Popcorn

I guess it's been a while since I actually wrote something down regarding the four of us... so here goes:

Gweg is a busy working man. He enjoys his job, even if it includes a day here or there writing reports. He still manages to come home and help pull me out of whatever breakdown I'm about to have by helping with the dishes or dealing with another dirty pull-up. He's my personal superhero. If I'm half as good as he is, then I would consider it a success. He's current side thing is figuring out all the cool things our {new phones} can do. Seriously, they're awesome.

(Ambo) I'm doing well. I do my best to keep the house from falling apart, entertain the kiddos and then, just maybe, have some time to {craft} or have a little alone time. I'm part of the duo in charge of the {big craft day} for our ward next month. It's definitely right up my ally and I'm so excited to be part of the planning this year. Remember how I said {I'd never do a costume again}... well, I lied. I'm currently in the middle of making Annabelle's Halloween costume. I rescinded my previous statement because I had HUGE Mommy guilt for making Jared's first costume and not hers. I compromised with myself and decided to make all our kids first Halloween costumes (let's pray no future ones are due end-Sept or October). So, I'm using a baby shirt pattern to add another fan of a galaxy far far away.

Jared is all out into being a two year old. I love him to pieces, but sometimes I get sick of repeating the same sentence for the 'who knows'-teenth time that day only to be ignored again. He's really into pretend play right now. In fact, today at the park he told me the 'pirates were coming' and a couple days ago he was chasing dinosaurs in the playroom. It amazes me how much he learns and retains each day. Pretend play is so big with him, we already scored a major Christmas present deal on Craig's List--- {a play kitchen} (we paid half that amount, got more food and it's missing the phone--- oh well) . It's currently hiding in our extra room and I'm so excited to see his face when he sees it!

His potty training is like 80% there. He has this thing about letting go of everything when he's in time out. It's like he's getting us back, "I'm in time out, well this is what I think of time out!" This is basically the only time he poops. If you ask him afterwards he'll tell you exactly where it's supposed to go, but for some reason he's still not sure about it. SO FRUSTRATING! For this reason, we've gone back almost exclusively to pull-ups. I really got sick (literally) of cleaning up poopy messes after I had to discipline him. Rant over. Another thing he likes to do right now is sing. I've got a few more lined up for Friday. But, right now, check out his fast rendition of 'Popcorn Popping.' At the end, he said, "I did it faster":

Annabelle is growing so so FAST! She's 10 1/2 months old now and has FIVE teeth! The top three all came within two weeks of each other. She was pretty clingy to me those weeks. Speaking of, that's something different with her--- she's really into me. Jared really never had a 'mommy-only' phase, but Annabelle always seems to want me. She even yells 'Mama' if I walk away from her--- like going into the kitchen. Physically, she's a great stander--- emotionally, she still hasn't trusted the whole 'standing along thing.' It's been about a month now, so maybe within the next month we'll see her first steps. She loves cheerios and we're trying new table foods each week. She's even moved down to one nap the last couple of days (we'll see if it's for real or not). She really loves Jared and crawling after him. She's already figured out to watch for my reaction when he's 'rough' with her. Oh the joy of siblings...

I'll get photos up soon... most of them are on my phone...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Video: First Slide

We went to the park as part of FHE on Monday and Annabelle took her first ride on the slide. Short and sweet, but I thought our readers would want to see it (especially the grandfolk).

Sorry the video cuts out at the best time... I had to keep her from falling off. She enjoyed it and even sat at the bottom of the slide for a few minutes. It was a good thing we had the park to ourselves.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Video: Airplane

I used to do this with my parents when I was a kid. I still remember the day when I was too big--- sad sad day. :) Jared wouldn't hop on my feet for the video. What's really funny about airplane with Jared is he's super ticklish when I try to adjust/move my feet. We've learned to do airplane next to the couch or a big pile of pillows. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Inner Space Labor Day

We ventured up to Georgetown for the second half of Labor Day weekend to spend some time to Gramma and 'Aunt Ruth.' Jared and Belle took a whole of five minutes to get used to their new surroundings. Jared spent half the time running around yelling 'Gramma.'

On Monday we decided to explore the cave right next to Gramma's house. We had a great time. Just like his first time in a cave, Jared loved it. He would have loved it even more if the guide went a little faster. He also learned a few new words: stalactites, stalagmites, and cave bacon. Another really neat part about it was the cave residents. The bat colony was really active because it had just rained. I 'almost' got my head taken off a couple times. :) Jared thought it was so cool when they would fly.

Annabelle did great. For a little while, the three of us would rotate the kiddos, until we noticed just how tired the little girl was. So, I held her in my arms and she fell asleep--- on the tour! What a sweetheart! She woke up 20 minutes later and enjoyed the tour with the rest of us while I tried to get feeling back in my arm. :)

Lots and lots of soda straws

Definitely my child... pulling the 'Amber face'

Gramma & Jared

Daddy/Daughter Splunking--- Annabelle's fresh from her nap. :)

The ladies enjoying the one and only sit down opportunity. Belle's still a little tired...

Jared and his Daddy walking up the cave.
After the caves, we spent some relaxing time playing with Gramma and Ruth. Since this was a special place, Jared thought he would show just how much he loves Gramma's house by having another poop-tastrophe!

Let me explain: Lately, if Jared doesn't want to go down for a nap or bed, he'll let you know--- by yelling he has to pee. He knows we come running at that statement... stinker. So, he did so at Gramma's. We did our standard let him talk it out until he passes out until Gramma came in to tell us he's yelling 'Mama I pooped.' When I opened the door, the odor in that room was intense. Detoxification commenced shortly there after---- which Jared hates! For some reason he does not like the shower, so we're trying to teach him that if he poops in the potty then he doesn't have to use the shower--- just the bath.

Shortly after nap and Linner (early dinner), we had to head home because of a certain lady named Hermine (which it was CRAZY wet here on Tuesday--- tropical storm--- check). On the way home we saw the brightest rainbow we've ever seen. It was so beautiful and a nice ending to the weekend. The picture I took doesn't do it justice...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birdwatcher & Bug Killer

Last weekend, we noticed some birds enjoying the rest of the bugs in our backyard. Jared loved the birds so much, he brought his kitchen stool over to the backdoor window to quietly watch the birds. (we told him he had to be quiet so they didn't fly away).
He exclaimed numerous times 'birdies ea-ing bugs' and 'dag-ous.' His word of the week: dangerous. Since he's really into helping and being in the kitchen, we had to set ground rules with his stool because things in the kitchen can be dangerous. Since then he goes around exclaiming how everything we say 'no' to is dangerous.

He associates bugs with being dangerous because he's seen me be not so nice to a few. He even pretends to get a few of them on the walls. :) Yeah, I'm happy about that...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Video: Voice of the Spirit

I took a really cute video of family play time last night, but it's really dark and difficult to see. :( I'll try again. Anywho, I watched this video today and I just wanted to share it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Snaggle Tooth

One of Annabelle's top teeth erupted this last week, a friend commented on how it'll be fun to take pictures before she gets the other one and I realized we hadn't! Later that day, I did.

Isn't she the cutest Snaggle Tooth you've ever seen?


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