Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Witte Dinosaur Adventure

A couple weekends ago, Jared filled up his first potty chart. The whole time we told him we could go see some Dinosaurs if he got all his stickers. Last Wednesday, Greg came home a little early and we went to see some DINOSAURS!

The {exhibit} was pretty cool. The whole time, Jared would not stop talking about the dinosaurs--- until he saw the first life-sized one---which happened to be a scary carnivore. You could see the conflict in his eyes; excitement to see and be with dinosaurs to terror because of the animatronics and sound effects. Greg dubbed this Jared's love-hate relationship with dinosaurs. Maybe it was just instinct kicking in because he was only afraid of the carnivorous scary-looking ones. He really enjoyed the baby dinosaurs (posed with a stegosaurus) and being able to control one of the big ones. Check it--- sorry it's dark--- museum, remember?

We spent the first little with the dinosaurs and then went to see what else the {Witte} had to offer. The answer: quite a bit. There's a whole building where kids can explore scientific principles (Greg and I were geeking out a bit) but it was a bit above Jared's level. We showed him a few things but a few minutes in, he started asking for the dinosaurs again. So, we went back to the dinosaurs. But not without a side adventure.

Obviously Jared was REALLY excited to be there---think about that for a second. We had a newly trained little boy filled with water from lunch in the car plus at a fun exciting place--- you guessed it, he had his first public accident. Luckily (because we are not THAT dense) we brought an extra pair of everything. It was just a funny moment to add to the 'potty training reward' outing. :)

When we got to the dinosaurs the second time, we practically had the exhibit to ourselves. I'm telling you--- late afternoon on a weekday was perfect to go to an intimate museum exhibit. Plus, Jared had the archeological dig all too himself. Except for the two seconds Annabelle tried and DID NOT LIKE it. She must have thought it was too much like the real thing. I would have to agree because I'm still finding some we brought home.

We had a great time--- it was a great thing to do to beat the crazy late summer heat!


  1. Adorable pics! The Annabelle commentary on the sand made me giggle.

  2. How fun for Jared as his prize! That's awesome! :)



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