Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Babies

We went to the pool last week as a part of the 'bribe Jared until he tinkles regularly in the potty' program.

(side note: it worked. He hardly has accidents now and tells us when he needs to go. He filled up his potty chart and later today we're going to see a Dinosaur exhibit. We're still working on #2--- currently recovering from the Great Poop-tastrophe of 2010---which happened on Monday. I still feel like I need to shower....)

It wasn't different from any other time at the pool, except I actually brought the camera.

Annabelle thought it would be good to model her new swimsuit---yep, she outgrew her old one. It's 12 month size and doesn't she look cute!Annabelle is our resident fish. She loves the water and tries frequently to get our of her little floatie. When get to the end of each visit, we take her out so she can have fun splashing. And does she splash! She's trying to get to the camera by standing on the stairs... I loved her determined look---tongue and all!
Jared sports his vest. I tried really hard to get a good picture of him at the pool, but he wouldn't stay still (go figure).
It's a rarity when Jared ventures off. He's standing on the stairs (his favorite place at the pool).
Chilaxin' baby after a tiring visit to the pool!


  1. Love that second picture! I think swimsuits run really small. :)



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