Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Train a Jared

Yep--- you read the title right--- last Thursday night we started the process every parent is dreading but still excited for: potty training.

I know he's going to hate us one of these days for this picture, but he'll get over it. :)

We knew it was time because he started showing all the 'signs of readiness,' including asking to go on the 'toy-it,' so off we went to Target to get properly equipped.

{Small potty}. Check. (fyi: the reviews on this site would make you think this is a horrible others who bought it are complaining about pee getting everywhere--- don't they know they're potty training a toddler--- pee is going to get everywhere).
Underwear with Pixar Characters. Check.Pull-ups. Check.
{Potty book}. Check. (hilarious---by the way)
M&Ms. Check.
Rewards (in the form of more Cars for his collection). Check.

This was the plan: Take away all form of diapers and introduce the pull-ups and underwear. We told him the underwear was for the day time and pull-ups for nap and night time. He had a chart to fill up with stickers and every time he accomplished something, he'd get a sticker and a M&M. His first chart had five different catagories. Notice how I said his first chart. Every time he has an accident, we don't make a big deal about it, he just sits on the potty for a little and then we clean it up together. Here's his first chart I threw together--- it really shows off my mad crafting skills. :)

Friday and Saturday were really rough. He loves wearing his new underwear but couldn't keep them dry. On those days, I really didn't hound him about wearing pants. He either ran around in his underwear or nothing at all. I wanted to remind him what happens when he goes potty. I did a load of laundry during nap time so he could have underwear for the afternoon. Even though it was rough, we were still getting somewhere. He peed in his potty enough to earn his first reward. The Michael Schumacher Ferrari from Cars. He was little excited.

Once he earned the first reward, it seemed like we went steps back. Sunday made it interesting too because of church. We slapped a pull-up on him, which I'm sure was confusing, and went on our way. I also forgot to mention to his teachers about this new adventure.

Anyway, we were about to give up and just try again in another month or so. He didn't seem to care at all when he wet himself. Sunday afternoon, we noticed he responded well to external motivation (the rewards), I I printed out a much simpler chart: if he does his business in the potty, then he gets a sticker and m&ms. We determined a certain amount of stickers for a small reward each day (like watching a movie or going to the pool). If he fills up his chart by the end of the week, then we get to go to the zoo on Saturday.

This new system has worked for Jared. He's still had accidents, but it's potty training and he's learning. He came up to me yesterday for the first time to tell me he had to go potty and he went. I praised him like crazy for that! He also woke up from his nap without dirtying his pull-up.

It was the same story this morning too--- that one I couldn't believe! And that's not the end, this whole morning was ACCIDENT FREE! I know he'll have set backs, and he still hasn't done his other business, but I'm so excited to see it's working and he's excited about it.

Hopefully next week, I'll be writing about yet another zoo visit. :)


  1. Way to go, Jared! Keep at it buddy!

  2. May the pee not be with you!

  3. This was a cool post. Sounds as if you are doing a great job once you simplified the chart.

    MeMa says she's going to dig out a photo of Greg on the pot and post it.

    Great picture. Way to go, Jared. He is such a guy -- reading on the pot . . .




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