Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to...

The ZOO!

We went back, yet again (we do have yearly passes), Saturday morning. Jared filled his second potty chart---and this time the reward was the zoo--so off we went. It was TONS of fun. It's been crazy hot here (duh!) but we lucked out that morning. It was overcast and only in the low 90s the whole time we were there! I guess we've acclimated because it felt cool! :)

The highlight of this zoo adventure was---hands down--- the Lorikeet exhibit. We did this before on {Jared's birthday} however Daddy wasn't there. Apparently, the Loris found a long-lost friend in Gweg. We had two nectar containers and the boys opened theirs first. Once the birds finished the nectar they moved onto the next sweetest thing: Gweg! ;) They really enjoyed his neck--- can't say I blame them!

When I opened the other container, I had it in the hand holding Annabelle. I was a half second away from switching it to the other hand when TWO Loris landed on my arm--- right next to Belle. I thought she would freak---but she did exactly what her personality dictated---nothing. She just watched them intently. When they were done, what did they do---move to the next sweetest thing--- the baby. However, they quickly learned not to mess with her when she attempted to grab one. :)

Jared just watched the whole thing and thought it was HILARIOUS. He giggled and said 'birdie' A LOT.

We also went to the see all the reptiles and amphibians. I'm pretty sure Jared is going to grow up to be a Zoologist who works with reptiles because he has this magnetism that ALWAYS gets them to move. There was even a worker holding a snake and Jared really wanted to touch it--- but he was a little too young. It really creeps me out--- I guess I better start working myself up now to touch snakes.

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