Saturday, August 28, 2010

Anniversary Adventure

We had a lot of fun on our anniversary date. Before we went on our date, we went to the grocery store. As we passed the flowers, Greg asked me if I wanted some--- to the point, I like it. Of course, I said yes. I got a $5 summer bouquet that lasted the whole week!

Back to the date. We found a BOGO coupon for the Tower of Americas and decided we should finally make the trek up. So, while friends watched our mini-versions, we went to dinner and downtown. Dinner at BJs--- oh so good. If you're looking for good pizza---go and enjoy! We had great conversations about all that's happened to us over the last six and half years (how long we've been together). Six years covers LOTS of adventures--- through the good and the bad, we've definitely grown--- and can't wait to see what ETERNITY brings!

Here's us after the 4d movie they show at the Tower. I did NOT like it AT ALL! Some of the shots were amazing but I've never been a fan of snake/alligator attacks--- enough said.
This is us at the top. We tried a self-portrait, as you can see, the wind didn't cooperate. But at least it's funny!

Thank goodness for kind people willing to take our picture...
The view... I have to say the scariest part about the whole tower experience was the elevator up. It's open, it's fast and it's noisy. I was singing primary songs in my head to not freak out. :)

After the tower, we moised over to the riverwalk. I absolutely LOVE where we live. Yeah, it's a little hot and muggy, but it's beautiful. We found an ice cream shop to get dessert and the boys working had their own music BLASTING like you can hear it from the river LOUD. They asked if we wanted them to turn it down, but we could definitely see they needed some enjoyment since they're working on a Saturday. The funny thing about that was right after this 'i'm so cool hip hop song' finished the 'Macarena' started! This is us enjoying our melting ice cream along the river.
On the way to the tower we already found our next downtown adventure: La Villita. It's like old town SA. Lots of cute shops, but they were all closed when we went through. It'll be fun to take visitors--- when we get some.

We had a great anniversary!


  1. I've never heard of a 4D movie. Is this a typo or an actual thing?

    I'm glad you had a good anniversary. :)

    1. No typo. It means that they sprayed water on us and released smells. It was gross.

  2. We've never been up either the Tower or the Needle. :-(

    1. Ours is taller... but I bet your view has more water. :)



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