Saturday, August 28, 2010

Anniversary Adventure

We had a lot of fun on our anniversary date. Before we went on our date, we went to the grocery store. As we passed the flowers, Greg asked me if I wanted some--- to the point, I like it. Of course, I said yes. I got a $5 summer bouquet that lasted the whole week!

Back to the date. We found a BOGO coupon for the Tower of Americas and decided we should finally make the trek up. So, while friends watched our mini-versions, we went to dinner and downtown. Dinner at BJs--- oh so good. If you're looking for good pizza---go and enjoy! We had great conversations about all that's happened to us over the last six and half years (how long we've been together). Six years covers LOTS of adventures--- through the good and the bad, we've definitely grown--- and can't wait to see what ETERNITY brings!

Here's us after the 4d movie they show at the Tower. I did NOT like it AT ALL! Some of the shots were amazing but I've never been a fan of snake/alligator attacks--- enough said.
This is us at the top. We tried a self-portrait, as you can see, the wind didn't cooperate. But at least it's funny!

Thank goodness for kind people willing to take our picture...
The view... I have to say the scariest part about the whole tower experience was the elevator up. It's open, it's fast and it's noisy. I was singing primary songs in my head to not freak out. :)

After the tower, we moised over to the riverwalk. I absolutely LOVE where we live. Yeah, it's a little hot and muggy, but it's beautiful. We found an ice cream shop to get dessert and the boys working had their own music BLASTING like you can hear it from the river LOUD. They asked if we wanted them to turn it down, but we could definitely see they needed some enjoyment since they're working on a Saturday. The funny thing about that was right after this 'i'm so cool hip hop song' finished the 'Macarena' started! This is us enjoying our melting ice cream along the river.
On the way to the tower we already found our next downtown adventure: La Villita. It's like old town SA. Lots of cute shops, but they were all closed when we went through. It'll be fun to take visitors--- when we get some.

We had a great anniversary!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Video: Playing Around

Just a quiet moment in our house. Jared's playing with a cup; Annabelle discovers her new love, the stairs. She also shows off her one sign at the end. She uses it for 'more,' 'food,' and I think 'milk.' It's usually 'more.'

Oh so cute and oh so fun. We sure love these kiddos.

NOTE: Sorry about the lack of sound; I tried to fix it, but to no avail. You still get the idea. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Week

Jared and Daddy got even goofier...

then Annabelle joined the fun...
only to lose to a jar of sweet corn (she was sleepy and rubbed her eyes just as I brought the spoon in to feed her more)...

so she had to play peek-a-boo with Jared...
while Mama made a Chiefs shirt...
then took silly pictures per Jared's request: "mama take picker, peas"
We sure have silly times around these parts... silly... but happy.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Grader Status

Today, Gweg and I reach 'first grader status.' Meaning we've been married for SIX YEARS! I got the term from a friend when talking about today creeping up on the calendar. She mentioned how we've been together as long as the life of a first grader and, for some reason, that really struck me. In a good way.

It's easy, but also hard, to imagine us being together that long. Sure, marriage has been hard---but it's also the best experience ever.

And, since this is our first Saturday anniversary since being married, we're going on a date to celebrate...

For your viewing pleasure, this is the small size of the slideshow shown at our reception. I sure like August 21st--- it's a pretty good day. :)

It's still not the pale moon that excites me... it will ALWAYS and FOREVER be the Nearness of Gweg!

Happy Anniversary, Honey Bunny! In case you didn't know, I'm head-over-heels in love--- with YOU!

Here's some previous anniversary posts: {2007, 2008, 2009} and {pictures of Gwegbo} from last year.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Video: Double Feature

I thought since I missed last week, as a treat, I'd posted TWO new videos!

The first one is bath time with the kiddos. Not just any old bath time, either, BUBBLE bath! I love the hairdos and you can see just how excited Annabelle gets now.

The second one is Annabelle clapping. Sorry for the encouraging Mommy voice, but I really wanted to get her new skill on video. Lately I look at her and wonder how she got so big (in a good way).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to...

The ZOO!

We went back, yet again (we do have yearly passes), Saturday morning. Jared filled his second potty chart---and this time the reward was the zoo--so off we went. It was TONS of fun. It's been crazy hot here (duh!) but we lucked out that morning. It was overcast and only in the low 90s the whole time we were there! I guess we've acclimated because it felt cool! :)

The highlight of this zoo adventure was---hands down--- the Lorikeet exhibit. We did this before on {Jared's birthday} however Daddy wasn't there. Apparently, the Loris found a long-lost friend in Gweg. We had two nectar containers and the boys opened theirs first. Once the birds finished the nectar they moved onto the next sweetest thing: Gweg! ;) They really enjoyed his neck--- can't say I blame them!

When I opened the other container, I had it in the hand holding Annabelle. I was a half second away from switching it to the other hand when TWO Loris landed on my arm--- right next to Belle. I thought she would freak---but she did exactly what her personality dictated---nothing. She just watched them intently. When they were done, what did they do---move to the next sweetest thing--- the baby. However, they quickly learned not to mess with her when she attempted to grab one. :)

Jared just watched the whole thing and thought it was HILARIOUS. He giggled and said 'birdie' A LOT.

We also went to the see all the reptiles and amphibians. I'm pretty sure Jared is going to grow up to be a Zoologist who works with reptiles because he has this magnetism that ALWAYS gets them to move. There was even a worker holding a snake and Jared really wanted to touch it--- but he was a little too young. It really creeps me out--- I guess I better start working myself up now to touch snakes.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Witte Dinosaur Adventure

A couple weekends ago, Jared filled up his first potty chart. The whole time we told him we could go see some Dinosaurs if he got all his stickers. Last Wednesday, Greg came home a little early and we went to see some DINOSAURS!

The {exhibit} was pretty cool. The whole time, Jared would not stop talking about the dinosaurs--- until he saw the first life-sized one---which happened to be a scary carnivore. You could see the conflict in his eyes; excitement to see and be with dinosaurs to terror because of the animatronics and sound effects. Greg dubbed this Jared's love-hate relationship with dinosaurs. Maybe it was just instinct kicking in because he was only afraid of the carnivorous scary-looking ones. He really enjoyed the baby dinosaurs (posed with a stegosaurus) and being able to control one of the big ones. Check it--- sorry it's dark--- museum, remember?

We spent the first little with the dinosaurs and then went to see what else the {Witte} had to offer. The answer: quite a bit. There's a whole building where kids can explore scientific principles (Greg and I were geeking out a bit) but it was a bit above Jared's level. We showed him a few things but a few minutes in, he started asking for the dinosaurs again. So, we went back to the dinosaurs. But not without a side adventure.

Obviously Jared was REALLY excited to be there---think about that for a second. We had a newly trained little boy filled with water from lunch in the car plus at a fun exciting place--- you guessed it, he had his first public accident. Luckily (because we are not THAT dense) we brought an extra pair of everything. It was just a funny moment to add to the 'potty training reward' outing. :)

When we got to the dinosaurs the second time, we practically had the exhibit to ourselves. I'm telling you--- late afternoon on a weekday was perfect to go to an intimate museum exhibit. Plus, Jared had the archeological dig all too himself. Except for the two seconds Annabelle tried and DID NOT LIKE it. She must have thought it was too much like the real thing. I would have to agree because I'm still finding some we brought home.

We had a great time--- it was a great thing to do to beat the crazy late summer heat!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Pebbles

Annabelle's hair has grown out so much on the top, it gets in her face. So, last week we got baby hairbands and created this:

Our own Pebbles Flintstone.
Check it out. I got BOTH with cheesy grins---too bad it's blurry. Even though it's blurry, you can totally tell their super goofy nature!I took these right before we went to the Dinosaur exhibit for a potty reward. Jared's doing so well that we also went to the zoo--- pictures and stories to come. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Babies

We went to the pool last week as a part of the 'bribe Jared until he tinkles regularly in the potty' program.

(side note: it worked. He hardly has accidents now and tells us when he needs to go. He filled up his potty chart and later today we're going to see a Dinosaur exhibit. We're still working on #2--- currently recovering from the Great Poop-tastrophe of 2010---which happened on Monday. I still feel like I need to shower....)

It wasn't different from any other time at the pool, except I actually brought the camera.

Annabelle thought it would be good to model her new swimsuit---yep, she outgrew her old one. It's 12 month size and doesn't she look cute!Annabelle is our resident fish. She loves the water and tries frequently to get our of her little floatie. When get to the end of each visit, we take her out so she can have fun splashing. And does she splash! She's trying to get to the camera by standing on the stairs... I loved her determined look---tongue and all!
Jared sports his vest. I tried really hard to get a good picture of him at the pool, but he wouldn't stay still (go figure).
It's a rarity when Jared ventures off. He's standing on the stairs (his favorite place at the pool).
Chilaxin' baby after a tiring visit to the pool!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Video: Kiddo Conversation

Last week at lunch time, I caught the kiddos conversing. It was pretty cute. There's also evidence of Belle's newest talents: sippy cups, eating gerber puffs, and---obviously---blabbering. :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Train a Jared

Yep--- you read the title right--- last Thursday night we started the process every parent is dreading but still excited for: potty training.

I know he's going to hate us one of these days for this picture, but he'll get over it. :)

We knew it was time because he started showing all the 'signs of readiness,' including asking to go on the 'toy-it,' so off we went to Target to get properly equipped.

{Small potty}. Check. (fyi: the reviews on this site would make you think this is a horrible others who bought it are complaining about pee getting everywhere--- don't they know they're potty training a toddler--- pee is going to get everywhere).
Underwear with Pixar Characters. Check.Pull-ups. Check.
{Potty book}. Check. (hilarious---by the way)
M&Ms. Check.
Rewards (in the form of more Cars for his collection). Check.

This was the plan: Take away all form of diapers and introduce the pull-ups and underwear. We told him the underwear was for the day time and pull-ups for nap and night time. He had a chart to fill up with stickers and every time he accomplished something, he'd get a sticker and a M&M. His first chart had five different catagories. Notice how I said his first chart. Every time he has an accident, we don't make a big deal about it, he just sits on the potty for a little and then we clean it up together. Here's his first chart I threw together--- it really shows off my mad crafting skills. :)

Friday and Saturday were really rough. He loves wearing his new underwear but couldn't keep them dry. On those days, I really didn't hound him about wearing pants. He either ran around in his underwear or nothing at all. I wanted to remind him what happens when he goes potty. I did a load of laundry during nap time so he could have underwear for the afternoon. Even though it was rough, we were still getting somewhere. He peed in his potty enough to earn his first reward. The Michael Schumacher Ferrari from Cars. He was little excited.

Once he earned the first reward, it seemed like we went steps back. Sunday made it interesting too because of church. We slapped a pull-up on him, which I'm sure was confusing, and went on our way. I also forgot to mention to his teachers about this new adventure.

Anyway, we were about to give up and just try again in another month or so. He didn't seem to care at all when he wet himself. Sunday afternoon, we noticed he responded well to external motivation (the rewards), I I printed out a much simpler chart: if he does his business in the potty, then he gets a sticker and m&ms. We determined a certain amount of stickers for a small reward each day (like watching a movie or going to the pool). If he fills up his chart by the end of the week, then we get to go to the zoo on Saturday.

This new system has worked for Jared. He's still had accidents, but it's potty training and he's learning. He came up to me yesterday for the first time to tell me he had to go potty and he went. I praised him like crazy for that! He also woke up from his nap without dirtying his pull-up.

It was the same story this morning too--- that one I couldn't believe! And that's not the end, this whole morning was ACCIDENT FREE! I know he'll have set backs, and he still hasn't done his other business, but I'm so excited to see it's working and he's excited about it.

Hopefully next week, I'll be writing about yet another zoo visit. :)


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