Friday, July 9, 2010

Water Babies--- and adults?

With HOT being the theme over the last few days, the combined forces of Great and grandparents decided to get a water cooling system or slip 'n slide pool. I know, how could they use this without swimwear? Well, the folks had a random pack of lil' swimmers Jared's size and he wore some jammy shorts. And Belle, well, she just roughed it. Meg, Park and I decided to be bold, and a little silly, and got dressed ourselves. I borrowed (and eventually inherited) a swimsuit from Meg.

Everyone was so excited to see Jared in it that it all got set up during his nap time. It was ready for him; we knew he would love the slide and be in the water the whole time---or so we thought.

The combination of waking up from nap time, being excited about a pool, and cold water didn't work well, at first. He would not get in the pool and H-A-T-E-D being put on the slide. He didn't even like it when Park, Meg, and Mommy (yes, you read that right) all showed him how the slide works. Gma got some sweet video proof of us all breaking the age limit...

All he wanted was to fill his cup and maybe dump it on people. Once the shadows started to move, it was a different story. Jared became more daring. And when he saw Park, Meg, and Mommy in the pool he finally realized it was safe.

Annabelle joined us shortly after. She loved playing with the toys and splashing in the water. We didn't have the same diaper luck or outfit luck with her. So, she swam in a normal diaper and a onesie. When all was said and done, the diaper was far from normal.

It was a great solution to a hot day and it'll be fun to see an older Jared and Annabelle try out the pool when we visit them another summer.

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