Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Waiting to Come Home

We're all home and in ONE piece--- I think! It's my birthday---yikes---but as it is also a recovery day---I thought I'd post about how yesterday transpired.

Yesterday was another long and crazy day, but this time I didn't get puked on (score one for Mommy) so I consider it an overall success. Even though the overall theme of the day was.... waiting... and waiting... and waiting some more...

We actually went to the airport about an hour early because Cheryl and the Great-Grandparents had a flight out that morning too. I could only imagine how strange it was to see our caravan going into the terminal (my parents helped us until security). When we checked the bags, my big bag was just overweight by a few pounds. I knew if I took my temple bag out it would solve the problem, but I didn't think I had another place to put it. I couldn't check another bag because I already had the large suitcase, a small (filled to the brim) suitcase, Jared's car seat and the pack-n-play as our checked luggage. Luckily, Jared's car seat has this awesome zipper travel bag and Mom and I both had the genius idea to put it in there. First crisis of the day averted. Sweet.

Security was easier than last time because we had done it before and we had two extra hands (Greg helped me through the first time). The only hitch there came in waiting for someone to escort our nice stroller through because it can't fit in the X-ray machine. Whoops.

After loading everything back together, we made our way to their gate with just a few minutes to spare. That's when the hardest part of the day came: waiting another hour for our first flight. Toddlers plus waiting never ever has a happy outcome. If it does, fill me in, I really wanna know that secret.

The mistake I made was letting him out of the stroller, I thought it was a good idea because he'd be stuck in an airplane the rest of the day. So, I strapped the monkey on his back and all was well. He was content playing with his cars and new Buzz and Woody until he realized there was a whole airport out there for him to explore. With a half hour still to wait, Jared began screaming 'i wanna go walk' like full blown Jared scream---and that's loud. So, I tried putting him back in the stroller--to actually go for a walk--- but that didn't work. I had to keep breathing and telling him we can't walk away from his stuff while he's doing his best impression of a dog trying to escape his leash. It was funny, but I was far from laughing in the moment.

I was on the verge of tears when I got him to calm down. As I was sitting there, wondering if this was a sign of the rest of the day, another passenger came up to me and told me how beautiful the kids are. She also said, "I just have the feeling your little girl is going to be a MECHANICAL ENGINEER the way she intently looks at things and tries to figure them out." I told her that she just made her Daddy really happy because he's an engineer---when I told this story to Gweg last night, he lifted up his arms and said 'woo hoo.'

We had three flights just like last time. Seattle to Kansas City, KC to Dallas and Dallas to SA. We only changed planes in KC, but we had a two and a half hour layover. I'll get to that in a minute.

Flight 1 was awesome. Both kiddos feel asleep. How SWEET is that? Especially since it was our longest flight. I was so surprised and happy that I joined them. This was the only flight we had another person in our row and she was amazingly nice and fell under Belle's spell once we all woke up. And when we did wake up, I turned Jared over to the power of the portable DVD player and Cars. :)

The layover was better than waiting for the first flight. The funniest thing about that was changing diapers and fitting the stroller in the world's smallest Women's bathroom. We spent the rest of the layover finishing Cars, starting Mickey and eating Teddy Grahams. Belle also enjoyed showing off her crawling skills (after Mommy picked up anything and everything in her path).

Flight 2 and 3 were both just fine. I had marvelous people help me with the kids and folding the stroller so we didn't hold anyone up. Jared watched Mickey and when that was done, he asked for Looney Tunes. While he watched this, he started to laugh and giggle. I got video of it... but I was excited that he likes the classics. :) Annabelle ate, played, and napped like she wasn't on a plane... it was nice.

Another interesting thing was changing diapers while waiting in Dallas. I didn't want a repeat soggy diaper from the trip out and since the airplane changing table is a size meant for premies, I deciced to chance him right there in the seat. The looks I got... but I could see no other option and it worked. He didn't wiggly and wasn't over-soggy when we got home. During the third flight, we were all exhausted, so much so that Jared passed out again. Before he fell asleep he got wiggly and asked me to 'hol han peas.' Tell me what Mom would resist that question? So, I held his sleeping hand (and body) with my left arm while trying to keep the world's wiggliest baby from dive-bombing into the aisle. :)

When we landed we took our time to get off the plane, only to find out that Daddy wasn't there yet. Yay more waiting---I mean, boo. We got to baggage claim, I wrestled all four of our checked bags off the belt and started changing the kiddos into jammies--- it was almost 10 by this point.

Daddy arrived and we were all glad to be going home. Happy to enjoy almost a week with him before he heads off to High Adventure for eight days... my next adventurous undertaking...

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