Saturday, July 17, 2010

Three Days of Birthday

I haven't got around to talk about my birthday. Honestly, since my birthday was the day after getting back from vacation---it wasn't too great. Greg noticed how bummed out I was when he got home, so he decided to make my birthday last three days! I know, I know, he's a great guy--- he was also trying to make up for the fact that we couldn't quite afford my birthday present :(

Tuesday: Like I said, it was rough. It was a good thing Greg bought some beautiful roses to greet us when we got home the night before. Greg got home a little early, but did yard work. He wanted to get some done before we went to the pool with friends. Since he was out in the yard, we didn't get out for dinner in time, so we went to Whataburger. Not my first choice for a birthday dinner, in fact, I broke down in the drive-thru lane... So, we get home, snarf our food and get ready to go to the pool. We invited a bunch of friends to come over, but due to sickness and it being mutual/scout night for the ward--- only one showed up (thanks Lana, you don't know how much that made my day). When we got home, another friend stopped by for a surprise visit filled with flowers and chocolate. They stayed to play Wii and that was the extent of my actual birthday.

Wednesday: We went out to dinner to the restaurant I wanted to go to the day before: BJs. It was oh so good. Greg also taught Jared how to say 'happy birthday momma' and he wouldn't stop saying it---oh so cute.

Thursday: Some friends watched the kiddos while Greg took me shopping. We were on a mission for certain items lacking from my wardrobe. The whole time out he was really sweet; he didn't complain at all and gave his honest opinion.

All in all, I had a great 'birthday.' I'm so grateful for the amazing man I married and it was really nice to have him mostly to myself before he went gallivanting off on High Adventure for eight days.


  1. I'm glad your birthday ended up being okay. It's hard when you finally grow up and realize that there are more important things than presents and going out on your birthday. That's how Christmases has been for me for the last 10 years or so. But, alas, such is life.

  2. Greg is such a keeper! But you knew that already. :) Glad you had three days of birthdays. My actual birthday day is usually pretty lame.



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