Saturday, July 3, 2010


If you grew up in the {LDS Church}, there's a pretty good chance you've sung "I Love to see the Temple" a number of times. I thought about that song a lot today, especially the line "I'm going there someday." Today was someday for BOTH of my brothers. And, because of the generosity of family, we were able to be with them. These are the pictures we took right after the session:

It was one of the most special experiences of my life. The covenants made in the temple are not secret, they're just incredibly sacred. It is a special place where the Spirit of the Lord is always present. The cares of the world wash away and it is always so refreshing to go to the temple.
I was able to be in the temple with my eternal companion, my parents, my brothers, most of my grandparents, and a very special aunt and uncle. My Dad couldn't be an escort to both at the same time, so before we came out to Seattle, Z asked Greg to be his escort. I know it meant a lot to Greg to be there for him (and Parker) and I'm happy that he was able to have a special memory with my Dad and brothers.

To see the four of them together {speaking of---where is the picture of the ya'll together, Jiji? Still on your iPhone?} made me realize how grateful I am to have worthy Priesthood holders in my life. Not only that, these marvelous men (along with DeDa and Grandpa Jay who is across the veil) are setting good examples for Jared. And that means everything.

I also thought a lot about my parents and what was going through their minds to see three of their four kids in the temple. I thought about their examples of faith and testimony which has led all four of us to have our own testimonies of the gospel of Christ. I'm so grateful for their examples and thinking of them and looking at my brothers made me excited to be in the temple with Megan, Jared and Annabelle someday.

After the session, we met the rest of the group outside for some pictures. I'm so glad we did this because we took pictures that won't be able to happen again for another couple of years since Park reports in 11 days. :) Then, it was off to dinner at {XXX Root Beer}. They have amazing home-brewed Root Beer, go figure. We sat at the largest circular outdoor table I've seen. I swear, we were going to start talking about Camelot and how to protect England. :)
My cute boys being the goofs that they are!
Annabelle loved the big table; she showed off her hybid army crawl/regular crawl and visited everyone around the table. You'd think Greg and I would worry about the potential germs, but it took the resident Micro-biologist to pick her up and request a highchair. What a good Great-Grandad! Then, she was able to enjoy tickles from her uncle.Funny Story: I inadvertantly ordered the largest sandwich on the menu, the Traffic Ticket. No where on the menu it says how big the sandwich is and then it comes out covering the generic plastic serving basket. Everyone had a good laugh because it was ridiculous! Luckily, Z & Park are NEVER full so they helped me. :)

All in all--- it was a great day and I'm so so so grateful that we were able to come out and be part of it. :)

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