Thursday, July 8, 2010

The REAL Beach Day & Blue Island

Since Seattle's going through a 'heat wave' right now we decided to take the kiddos to the beach. Which I'm normally prepared for, but since I packed for weather through today, I decided not to bring the swim stuff. We went anyone and it ended up being a lot of fun. The water was pretty cold, it is the Northwest after all, so we didn't miss anything. Z was the only one brave enough to get in the water. Props to Crazy Uncle Zak. :)

Jared spent the whole time happy as a clam playing in the sand. I'm sure he would have been happy there all night if I had let him. He found the nearest unclaimed sand toy (don't worry, we found the owner and gave it back) and played... and played... and played some more...

At one point, I took to get him out to the water. I don't blame his apprehension--- the seaweed made it very unappealing. Jared wouldn't even touch the seaweed and, as soon as we hit the water, he said 'mama cold up' followed shortly by 'ew gows'--- so, we went back to his little beach area and had a grand ol' time. He enjoyed getting his feet buried and burying Oba's feet. He also made a pretty cool sand wall with Oba & Jiji.

Annabelle wasn't too sure of the whole thing. We brought her out to where Jared was playing. In the pictures you'll be able to see the quick mood swing from when I put her down. She was fine until she got sand on her hands and didn't know what do it with it. Then, she looked up at me and did her little whiny cry. She then spent the rest of the visit in the shade with the great-grandparents and Uncle Elder. :)

We then capped off the evening at Blue Island Sushi--- such a fun place to eat! We even crammed ELEVEN people in a booth and had some fun and not-so-fun moments. The not-so-fun moment came when Jared decided that the Edamame shell was to be eaten--- so he tried--choked---threw up all over himself, Oba, and I--- took a drink and then went right back to eating. Definitely not a fun moment, but I'm very glad his gag reflux is good. I'm so impressed how he went right back to eating too.

Since it's hot here (side note: it's not as HOT as home, but it feels hot because no one, except for the elderly, has AC up here. It's hardly ever needed). We moved Jared from the third floor to the bottom floor with Aunt Meggie. I wish I had my camera when I went to get him this morning. He and Meg were so cute sleeping... I bet Meg's real grateful I didn't. :)

The agenda today was to relax, attempt to fix Mom's car and make one of our new {favorite dinners} for everyone.

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  1. Chickens! I so would've been in that water!!!

    It's crazy to me that there's no air conditioning in Washington except for the nearly dead. I think that would be the first thing I install in a house if I ever move up there.



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