Thursday, July 15, 2010

Randomness in Seattle

Other than ALL I've posted, we just hung out in Seattle. All kidding aside, we spent some of the days just relaxing and being with family---which was what the whole visit was all about.

A couple notes from the pictures:
  • Annabelle and Jared loved playing with their second cousins, Glenn and Taylor. Well, mostly Tay but Jared learned how to fight for his food with Glenn. ;) Jared loved chasing Taylor around and yelling her name. He was really sad when they went home. We enjoyed hanging out with their 'rents too. :)
  • The picture of Jiji balancing Belle is a recreation picture. He did that with me when I was a baby. I just need to get my hands on it...
  • There's another nostalgic moment of Jared playing with Transformer animals that I remember playing with. He loved those and I seriously contemplated 'borrowing' them--- I even remembered how to transform them. :)
  • Belle really discovered her mobile self while in Seattle. She even tried a few times to pull herself up to stand---I know--- the girl who barely knows how to crawl-- what can I say, she's adventurous. One of the pictures is her getting into diaper stash and the mess that followed.
  • Not in pictures: Before everyone came out, Pops took Meg and I out on a Daddy/Daugthers date to see Eclipse. We actually had a lot of fun. Meg and I met Pops at the theatre, so I got to drive the Beamer. I didn't realize how much fun that was to drive until I drove a particularly curvy road on the way back to my parent's house. It was awesome and I almost bagged myself a suicidal bird. I liked the movie the best out of the three adaptations; which makes me excited for the last two. :)

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