Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I got these gems when Annabelle and Jared played together for the first time. By the first time, I mean actually playing with the same toys. Jared's going through the 'mine' phase right now (woo hoo--- NOT) and it's rare to get him to not freak out when Belle wants to play with him. Which she really likes to do because she adores him and wants to be/play with him so she'll do her hybrid crawl to get to him.
They started posing for me and I thought this one was really goofy...
By the way---if you haven't noticed I've post-blogged about most of our trip. I still have a few stories to tell AND now I have my birthday celebrations to write about. One day I will catch back up and I have a feeling it'll happen this week. ;)


  1. It looks like they miss their Jiji!

  2. It's always nice when siblings play together without incident. Rare, but nice.



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