Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Things

Today was a CRAZY CRAZY day spent getting the rest of soon-to-be Elder Jackson's things together. Beehive clothing, JC Penney's, lunch and a Train Shop for Great-Grandpa all before nap time---well, the last one happened during nap time because Jared was sufficiently tuckered out from playing in the kiddo area with Aunt Meggie at Beehive clothing and trying to climb on the luggage shelves at JCP.

We then headed back around the sound, partly so the kids to nap longer and partly because it was simply gorgeous, over for more shopping at Target. The local Target is attached to a mall and right outside the Target entrance is one of the mall's playareas--- shaped at a train. Jared was in heaven! Jared, and a few adults, went straight there while others did shopping. Each had a few things to do, so Jared was able to play for a good stretch of time while Annabelle made friends and showed us her new skill of pulling herself up to stand! I know, she's growing SO fast!

After a few minutes back and the house, we went out one more time to actually eat at Ivar's. :) This ended up being a new experience for both Jared and I. I already knew we'd both be fine with just shrimp because I had given it to him before. Well, not only did he eat the shrimp but he tried and enjoyed the calamari and fish. Jared likes the fishies. I was feeling particularly brave, as well, so I tried it all too plus Meg's salmon. I know, the fish hater tried fish. Here's the crazy part, I liked it. I guess the better the fish is, the less fishy-tasting it is--- who knew? Now, I don't like it enough to eat it all the time, but I'm more open to the possibility of it coming into my house now.

It was a nice day to end the adventures in Seattle. Tomorrow is meant for church, relaxing, packing, and Parker becoming an missionary. :)

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