Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday 'o Fun: Ferry & Downtown

What do you do in Seattle when you don't have the funds to do much? Lots of free/inexpensive things like go the beach, go to parks, and go for a Ferry Ride--- which is exactly what we did yesterday.

It was the same ride we took {last time} and Oba missed it again. She was the only one of the group who had to work today--- retail! We had a really good time, in fact, it went by really fast this time. Jared went exploring with Gweg and got a runny nose to prove it (it was really windy---we were on a boat). Annabelle really wanted to crawl around and we had none of that... the closest she got was sitting in the chair.

After the ride, we made the short trip over to {Ivar's} to feed the seagulls that make a permanent perch there to mooch. It's so fun because they encourage you to feed the seagulls. We actually brought fries with us because we made lunch for the ferry ride. Jared had fun and Belle was really wiggly (which meant she was excited too)... but that was only half of our day.

The video shows Jared's pure enjoyment of feeding the seagulls. He's trying to earn this bird's trust and the bird is desperate enough to fall for it. Obviously, he gets really excited when the bird makes his choice. :)

Next--- part two of the day--- a visit to Dash Point Beach & Playing at the Park...

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