Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Monday 'o Fun: Dash Point Beach & Park

After letting the seagulls finish the fries, we decided to head back to Federal Way and meet Oba somewhere. The somewhere ended up being Dash Point Beach. The tide was way out so we walked as far as we could. Jared had lots of fun with the mud and 'col waer.' Nobody went in the water because it was way too cold--- but that story was different today. :)

Since we couldn't get in the water, we decided to burn more energy until dinner time by going to the park. The beach and the park in ONE DAY---Jared was definitely in heaven. :)

In fact, We all had fun at the park...
even the adults...

Jared loved the slide the most...
And Annabelle went on a swing for the first time.
She seemed to like everything but the change in direction part--- check it out in the video:

When we got back to the house, relaxed and had dinner, we decided to finish off the fireworks from yesterday. We saved a lot of the small ones, like snakes and flowers, to show Jared. We lit the first flower and he screamed and cuddled in my legs. I held him for a couple more attempts, but it only got worse. So, he went back inside with Oba, where he screamed at the window some more. :)

After calming everyone down, we did a Four Generation pose with Granni and Annabelle.
So that's the tale of our pretty busy Monday after the Fourth. Quite a day, but it's full of memories. :)

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