Saturday, July 31, 2010

Almost Missed: July Edition

Here's a couple other random pictures from July:

Here's Annabelle and her oldest friend, Parker. He came over a couple times to play and she's always so fascinated with his binkie.

Jared and I planted sunflower seed from MeMa while Daddy was off on High Adventure. A few days later, a bunch of them sprouted and Jared was really excited. Daddy had to transplant them to our empty garden, so they could have a fighting chance.

Jared was really interested in Greg's binoculars, so Greg took the chance to show him how they work.
Bellie loves Gerber Puffs now. We told Jared they are apart of Annabelle's baby food. So, whenever he can, he feeds them to his sister.
One of Bellie's new favorite places to crawl is underneath and in the chairs. She's strong enough to scoot the plastic ones around, but she just climbs into the wooden ones. She really enjoys it--- until she realizes she can't get out.
She's also pretty good at using sippy cups--- even though she's not too sure about the liquid inside...
Here's a couple of amusing kiddo shots...Yes, they are really THAT entertaining...

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  1. The second to last picture of Belle is really cute. I love her face. The one with Jared using Greg's binoculars is cute too.



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