Monday, June 28, 2010

Time Again

for... Family Pictures!

One of our friends was SOOOOO kind to take pictures of us now that Jared's 2 and Annabelle is a different baby. She's honing her photography skills and, with the evidence below, I would witness that she's REALLY good! Check her out {HERE}

One early Saturday morning, we spent some time roaming around in a field, playing in sand, and touching rusty trucks. Jared had a great time; except the little turkey wouldn't smile when we asked him too. Figures, right? Luckily, since he's already so cute, he doesn't have to smile to make the picture.

We did as many as we could, with the time restraints of a two-year-old/7-month-old attention span, so here's the results.... hopefully, I'll be able to change the blog heading before they're outdated. :) FYI: The slide show is responsible for the grainy quality.


  1. Such great pictures! Your kids are getting so big!

  2. I love the "cutie baby" picture. So cute. I also love the vintage one of Greg and Jared. You look really pretty in that color of pink.

    PS - Why does Greg have a hairy caterpillar on his upper lip?

  3. Adorable pics! I especially like the ones of the girls and the one of the boys swinging. So fun!

  4. So freakin' adorable. You better be bringing some ones that we can see in real life when you come. ;)



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