Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Neighborhood FHE

We had a little neighbor/almost neighbor FHE last night. After a brief lesson (the toddlers even showed their enthusiasm by bolting for the toy room) we took a quick walk over to the pool.

Since it's summer in South Texas, we get patterns of pop-up rainstorms. We went to the pool crossing our fingers that it wouldn't rain/thunder on our 'party.' For the little while we were there, it was great. The clouds looked very ominious around us, and we even spotted this:

A rainbow when it hadn't even rained! Since I was already out of the pool, I took a picture of the group:Notice there are 2 toddlers and 3 babies throughout enjoying the pool; we all thought this was amazing. {Editor's note: check out the faces on my guys--- what goofs--- but I sure love them}. Our luck didn't last when it got closer to bed/leaving/storm time. :) Alas, at least we had fun. We love having friends in the neighborhood!


  1. I was thinking this when we got home.

    Being a Mormon = good.
    Being a Mormon in San Antonio = really good.
    Being a Mormon in Laura Heights = THE BEST!

    We're so blessed to be where we are! Glad to have all y'all!

  2. Gotta love Nick's ultimate frisbee tan! Good times! Thanks for putting that together! You are fabulous!



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