Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MeMa & DeDa Leftovers

Here are some more highlights from MeMa and DeDa's visit.

One thing to mention is the cute little book they wrote for Jared's birthday. Each page has something Jared does now that he's two and they rhyme. Jared loves it and it's such a fun book; except for trying to convert him to be a Dodger fan too---that page is read a little differently. :0

We also took them to the pool a couple times; now that the water is warmer he seems to like the pool more. He also may have liked it more because his DeDa and Daddy had fun throwing him around. He had so much fun that I think it rivals the zoo, and park with being his favorite places. He asks daily if we can go...

Yes, son, it's only the beginning of June in South Texas.... I think we'll go back.

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