Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Video: Feeding Annabelle

Happy Birthday, Granni! Happy Anniversary, Granni & Grandad! And Happy Wedding Day, Cami and Anders! We wish we could be there!

A couple weeks ago, Jared was really interested in feeding Annabelle. He walked up to my feet and said, 'help ah-ba ea peas' translation--- help Annabelle eat please--- well, who can resist words like that? I definitely couldn't and he sat patiently on my lap through a couple spoonfuls and even took the spoon and did it himself.

A few days later, he did it again when Greg was in charge of feeding, so what did I do--- I ran for the camera and here's the result. What a good big brother!

1 comment:

  1. So I said, "Caleb, do you want to watch a video of Jared and Annabelle?" And he went racing for the stairs screaming Jared's name. I think this boy's going through withdrawls. Hopefully we can get them together sometime before your trip.

    PS Caleb also said Annabelle very well when he watched her crawl!



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