Monday, May 31, 2010

Enchanted Fredericksburg

On Memorial Day we decided check a couple things off our "Must Do in South Texas" list---maybe I should actually make one of these. :)

Hike {Enchanted Rock} & Explore {Fredericksburg}
At 745, we were off! The kids did great; Jared ate his breakfast and read books with MeMa while Belle napped and chewed on baby toys. Gweg was really excited to go to ER; he kept pumping us up for the hike by saying ''it's only 3/4 of a mile; it'll be fun"--- what we didn't realize what in that 3/4s there is a 425ft elevation increase! Whoops!

We arrived at the park around 930 and began our journey. I felt I could do this with two bum knees until we saw this---the end of the hike is at the top of the 'really really big rock'---as quoted from Jared:
We all spent the rest of the hike reciting mantas of 'I think I can' within our heads.

Jared alternated walking...with riding on DeDa's shoulders (I love his expression in this picture)...

and holding Mama's hand (he even said he wanted to hold my hand).I'm really glad I didn't see what was behind me because I have a serious fear of heights. I had a hard time on the way down until a crying baby shook me out of my funk. Mama-mode kicked in and all I cared about was helping her.

Here we are taking a much needed break...about half way... and enjoying the view.
We made it---- but where are the kids--- and grandparents?

Just kidding, here they are!

Jared and I enjoying a much needed drink at the summit.

Jared loved saying 'really really really big rock' and once we were at the top, he made it is mission to find little rocks. He also liked looking at the tadpoles in the puddles. We really did make it!
Belle took a ride up on Daddy and then down half-way on DeDa until she got way overheated and needed Mama and a drink. Silly Mama didn't think to bring a wet bandana to put on the baby... still kicking myself for that... So I held her half-way down (when she became super mutinous) while teaching her how to suck water out of Gweg's water backpack.

Battered and bruised, we made it back to the car by 1130. Second family hike done---then it was back to Fredericksburg to concur some lunch and ice cream!

After, we walked around a little---guess we didn't get enough on the rock---to see what main street had to offer. What did it offer---you ask---our dinner's dessert--- Peach Pie made from Fredericksburg peaches.

Yep, we totally showed that rock who's boss... :)

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  1. Isn't Fredericksburg the cool little German town too? I think I remember going through there when Granni, Grandad, and I came down to San Angelo for Zak's blessing. But, I could be wrong. The town may have also started with an L. Hmmm....



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