Friday, June 4, 2010

Double Trouble: Birthday Style

Jared friend, Caleb, turned two yesterday and we went over to his house to celebrate. And, boy did we celebrate. The whole day I worked with Jared to say 'Happy Birthday Caleb' and as soon as we walked in the door, he said it! BWAH, a plan that actually came to fruition without getting sideswiped by a toddler! Woo Hoo!

Kim decorated the downstairs and made a fantastic dinner (all while being newly pregnant, I might add) which we all enjoyed, even if Caleb and Jared took the 'eat while playing' approach because they were SO excited! Kim got a great video showing just how excited the boys were {HERE}. They really are THAT much fun.

The excitement level increased when we went out to play in the backyard... what was waiting in the backyard, you ask... an alligator pool!
They took turns sliding, splashing, and playing with a balloon Josh filled with water. Both boys had toddler deathgrips on some cars Caleb got as gifts.
They had so much fun and probably would have stayed in there until turning into human popsicles; this is why the parents make the decisions. At least, we know they'll enjoy it next time.
In honor of Caleb's birthday, here's the Friday video of the boys playing in the pool:

After the pool, we stripped the boys and had a laugh at how much the look a-like with just their diapers on.

Then, it was cake time. Jared has this new thing with being sticky. He'll yell to me that he's sticky and ask for a 'nahkin.' It's really cute and funny that he doesn't want to get too messy. What was funny about this time around was that he'd get frosting on his finger, try to get it off and in the process get more on his hand. He wasn't too freaked by it yet so, like the good mommy that I am, I took a picture.

Thanks Hedges for letting us celebrate with you!


  1. Happy to have had ya over! I think the day was as perfect for Caleb as I ever could have hoped. Thanks for the fun!

  2. It looks like they had a fun day. Seeing them enjoy the water like that reminds me of how Zak was when he was younger. He used to dive head first into the pool and loved it. You, Megan, and Parker always had fits about it, though. You'd eventually warm up to it and I think Meggie did too, but Parker HATED the water.



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