Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to Normal?

We said good-bye to these two this morning:

The adults--- not the kids. :) MeMa & DeDa came to visit for the long weekend. We had a lot of fun going to dinner, reading books, {going to the zoo}, swimming, and exploring Fredricksburg. I'm working on the highlights so check back for links to those. :)

We all had so much fun and, for the second week in a row, I have to tell Jared his visitors went home. :( At least he enjoys having visitors...

We're sorry to see them go, but it's nice to have our house again (since we had Aunt Meggie here just before them).... maybe we'll have a bit of normalcy again...

... or maybe not.

1 comment:

  1. We miss you already. Give everybody hugs and kisses for us. We had a great time. See you soon.


    DeDa and MeMa



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