Thursday, June 24, 2010

Army Crawl Belle & teeth

Now the camera base is fixed, we were able to get video of Annabelle army-crawling across the living room last night. Thanks, Seattle crew for the motivation you gave! Also, excuse the mess--- we do have two kids two and under...

Here's a picture of her today, I finally got those cute little teeth(that top she's wearing is a size 12 months!) She's growing like a weed:
And who could forget this handsome fella...
Coming soon: NEW fantastically beautiful family pictures, our real backyard garden and TWO videos of Jared being so AWESOME!


  1. Wow, our kids are growing up so fast! Huh? It is crazy! Parker is starting to really move, I am lovin' it!

  2. Belle is getting so big! What a pretty picture of her.

  3. She has such a cute little smile. I love it!



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