Saturday, May 29, 2010

Zoo: The MeMa & DeDa Version

Since MeMa & DeDa are in town we just HAD to take them to Jared's most favorite place in the world: the Zoo!

It was fun to show them just how animated he is and how much he loves the animals. Since we had a car-ful of people, we couldn't fit our awesome stroller :( so we did the next best thing: a monkey leash! Jared loved being able to walk around and I didn't worry about losing him in the crowd.

We brought the umbrella stroller for Belle, by the end of the day, they both used it. It would have been nice to have the big stroller when Jared was being mutinous (didn't want to walk anymore), but oh well.

A highlight from this time around was the Butterfly Hut. It's an extra exhibit that we had free tickets for, so we used them with MeMa & DeDa. Jared loved seeing the 'futter-fies,' but when DeDa tried to give him one, he wasn't so sure. We also taught Jared how to drink out of Daddy's neat backpack and he LOVED to say bye and see you later to all the animals---hilarious!

Soon after lunch time, we called it a day and had passed out babies on the way home. All in all, it was another successful trip to the zoo--- and I'm pretty sure our passes have paid for themselves now. :)

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