Sunday, May 23, 2010

Swimming with Aunt Meggie

After a couple weeks of overcast weather and slightly too cool temps to go to the pool with Aunt Meggie we were finally able to go on Friday. The water was a little warmer than last time, so we hope the next time we go that trend will continue.

Greg and Meg tried to teach Jared how to jump in the pool. He was really nervous about it and would only go up to the edge. I guess that's a good thing because then he won't feel the need to step in it by himself.
Annabelle looking cute before entering the water.
Family in the Pool.
After we got home, it was straight upstairs for a bath. Since we were all wet from the pool, I didn't take my normal defensive position (i.e. using a towel as a shield while staying as far away as possible from the water while bathing Jared).

Eventually, I ended up in the bathtub with Jared. It was really fun and Jared thought I was the silliest Mom (he even said so). He would spray me with water and start cracking up. Meg got a great video, but teeny-tiny Jared makes a very brief appearance, so I'll wait until I can use editing magic again.Something I can check off on my "Mommy To-Do" list because I don't think I'll do it again; especially since Jared got so excited he peed on me (at least I was able to tell him what he was doing---first step to potty training---yikes)!

He likes the pool enough that he asks to go there at least once a day. I think I'm brave with going on errands with two kids, and possibly traveling alone with them, but a day at the pool--- I think I'll leave that alone right now. :)

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