Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Salt Lick

Since Meg is visiting, we figured we were required to take her to the best barbeque in the state: {Salt Lick}.
Yes, {Rudy's} is a close second, the drive is TONS better (10 min vs. 90 min) and it usually fits our bbq fix, but you have not tasted genuine Texas bbq until you've been to Salt Lick. It's got a slight oriental kick, which we like. AND, it's known around the country as one of the best places in Texas.

So, that was our activity on Thursday. Greg came home a little early and we were off... the kids did fine; except for Belle needing a Sweet Potato fix.

Meg and I are enjoying their AMAZING ribs; this says A LOT. I used to dislike ribs---until Rudy's and Salt Lick. I now know what I was missing.
Jared and his dinner plate; don't worry he didn't eat it all. Even if he had tried, I wouldn't have let him. His worried look is because we're taking a picture of him eating dinner...

Our after-dinner mints--- aren't they cute?
I think Megan like it...
If you're ever within a three hour range of Austin, and you like this sort of food, go.... you'll thank us for it. ;)

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  1. Looks very yummy. I'm not a big BBQ fan, but I'm occasionally in the mood for it if it tastes good. I know the Salt Lick is supposed to be the best BBQ in the nation, so I'd definitely want to go there.



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