Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meggie Highlights

Having Aunt Meggie here was a lot of fun. Jared's already excited to see her in a month (hopefully). Here are some cute leftovers:

Meg and Jared playing Cars after his birthday party.
One Sunday after church, Annabelle fell asleep on her auntie. It was really cute---even though she should have been put to bed sooner. :)
Jared really loved to color with his Auntie-- (I think Auntie did too).

Annabelle was a big fan of Aunt Meggie feeding her. By the time Meg left, Belle was a pro-eater.

Meg and I spent most of our free time, talking and making crafts for Jared and his toddler friends; we have tutorials forthcoming on our {craft blog}. One of the things, we made was a {car carrier} for Jared. Here it is in use.
At a friend's birthday party, Jared discovered a sandbox and it was love at first sight. Jared barely left it for food, and wouldn't even try the trampoline. I guess we know what Daddy's making the kiddos for Christmas.
Belle became super interested in Jared's toys--- here she is getting into mischief.

We sure loved having Aunt Meggie here! Come and see us soon--- or we'll come see you!

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