Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Swim

On the first of the month, we thought we had enough warm days in a row to attempt our first swim of the season; since we spent most of last summer swimming at twilight that's what we tried. It turns out the water is still a little cold to swim at that time, but it was still brief fun. Jared really didn't like the sensation of floating in his new vest; he spent most of the time clinging onto one of us. He started to enjoy it, just in time to get too cold to stay in the pool.

Annabelle seemed to enjoy the pool. Just like every other new experience in her life, so far, she just chilled. I thought the coolness of the water would send her into a fit, but nope; she had a scowl on her face for the first few minutes and then began kicking her legs and playing with floatie.

All in all--- fun was had and now we're just waiting to take Aunt Meggie there...
Jared attempted to get himself ready for the pool; he even tried to put on his new swim vest.
Daddy and Jared ready to go--- new vest put on the right way.

Belle in her new swimsuit with the world's cutest smile.
Mama and babies in the pool.

Daddy and babies in the pool.


  1. Belle's swimsuit is super cute! I love that it's a two piece too.

  2. Adorable! Such nice weather that I'm just the slightest bit jealous! ;)

  3. What a cute little swimsuit she has! We'll have to get together for a group swim sometime!



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