Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday at the Zoo

I know I haven't blogged about his party yet, I will, but I'm waiting for a kind friend to send me them; she was nice enough to take pictures while her boys came to the party. So, you'll just have to wait a little longer. But, here are the pictures and recap of his actual birthday.

Jared's birthday was a lot of fun. Since it was his birthday, we wanted to do something we knew he'd enjoy: enter the ZOO!

Before the zoo---Meg and I stayed up the night before to decorate his door and downstairs. Even though I know he won't remember, I wanted to make the day as special as possible. When I got him up, I tried to show him just how cool going through the streamers was; I took him through the first time and then he ran back and forth a couple times. Success! He followed it up by giving me the greatest hug ever.

For breakfast I 'attempted' to make him some Mickey Mouse Pancakes. Even though they were a little lop-sided, Jared knew exactly what it was supposed to be and even proceeded to eat it up. Another success! It was then time to go to the ZOO (right after we packed everything for two adults and two children)...

At the Zoo---Jared had a great time. Of course, he yelled every animals' name he could think of; most of the time it was along the lines of "mama/aunt meggie look *insert animal* *insert animal noise*". The highlights this time included seeing a hippo REALLY up close, watching the elephant do tricks, telling us the leopard was sleeping, going in the reptile house and feeding the Lorikeets with Aunt Meggie.

At our zoo, you can go into the huge encounter and feed Lorikeets; you just need to buy the nectar. With our passes, we received coupons for free nectar and, since it was his birthday, Aunt Meggie and Jared went off to feed the birds--- with Belle and Mama following behind to document. He seemed to enjoy it and can't wait to use our other coupons.

As for the reptile house, he LOVED it--- which he DID NOT get from me (huge aversion on my part). We were able to let him run around; he went from exhibit to exhibit saying 'snake---sss,' which sounds more like 'fffff' because he's still working on his s's. A couple of the snakes even slithered around; making him really excited and giving me a royal case of the heebie-jeebies.

After the Zoo---The kids were seriously tuckered out; which was great. They slept the whole way home; but then we stopped. Belle passed right back out, like the baby she is. Jared, on the other hand, must have sensed that he just turned two because he would not go back to sleep. Since I still had a cake to make and presents to wrap (and it was his birthday), I went to my back-up plan--- Cars. He sat amongst his Cars and watched while I made, from scratch, a Devil' Food cake.

After Daddy came home, we went to the store and used some birthday money to get Mack--practically completely his Cars collection. Then we went home and had one of his favorite dinners: Yakisoba and gyozas (he calls them chippies).

Then it was time for presents and cake. Every present we got him, I got on sale or made, so I thought we did really well (besides most of it was the grandparents). He loved his new farm and animals (which I got for 4 dollars---crazy, I know), and doesn't quite know what to do with his CTR man cape (which I made). He also got a book Mama and her siblings read a lot, Where the Wild Things Are.

Then it was time for cake and... well... see for yourself...

that's right... he said 'eat cake' at the end. The cake ended up being really good; I'm really glad I didn't mess it up.

The whole day I just kept thinking how fast two years has gone by. He's such a little man (but more on that later). He's definitely changed since the days of complete dependency. I really hope we do our best to treasure each moment with the kids because time doesn't stop.

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