Sunday, May 16, 2010

730+ Days of Jared

I know, it's overdue, so before I forget... Jared is two. I have to remind myself, almost daily, that this little baby...
is now this little boy. NOTE: This picture is one of my new favorites. He was doing one of his new things: pretend play. So I had the camera and caught this gem.
Such is life, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Here's his breakdown:

Weight: 29 1/2 lbs--50-70%
Height: 36 inches---still
Head Circ.: 19.6 inches---60%
Hair: light brownish red
Eyes: dark amber brown
Last time I checked, all--he might not have one molar--- I have to get the courage up to put my fingers in there :)
Likes: Elmo, Annabelle, his blue blankie, Little People, Daddy, Mama, going on walks, bathtime, spinning, dancing, nursery---- ADDED: going to the Zoo, playing with his Cars and Trains, coloring and hanging out with K-Dub (caleb)
Dislikes: being told no, floating in the pool
Favorite Food: SAME---anything except peas, mushrooms, and olives. He loves Japanese food night and loves dipping anything into anything (this morning it was waffles into yogurt).
Favorite Toys: His Disney Cars and his new farm; his favorite naptime cuddle toy is his stuffed Rex from Toy Story and McQueen.
Favorite Books: Anything that has to do with cars, planes or trucks; Sesame Street songs (thanks for that Mema and Deda--- :z); Good Night Gorilla; Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs
Favorite Things to Watch: He watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (he yells the magic words and for Toodles) and Sesame Street daily. He sits through most of Cars or any other Pixar or Thomas the Train movie (which we have a once a week rule---so Mommy doesn't go too crazy)
Signs: The only one he really does now is 'all done' everything else has fallen by the wayside as his language skills have picked up
Words: He says SOOOO much now. He responds to questions now, say five word sentences and FINALLY understands the difference between no and yes *insert hallelujah chorus*. This has been the biggest growth for him. He'll repeat almost anything you ask him too---or don't ask him to. Every car ride is now littered with screams of "mama, mama, mama *insert cool truck/car/thing he sees here.*
Other New Tricks: Jumping; a little bit of sharing; his own little tantrum dance; counting to 5 and between 8 and 15; naming the first presidency and apostles (no joke); attempting to pray
What's next: learning more words, traveling to Seattle at the end of June, potty training--by the end of the year
How he drives us crazy: He's two. And he's stubborn. Enough said.
Why he's so awesome: He still loves to help, give hugs and cuddle. He's a sweet little boy and genuinely cares. He cracks up at the silliest thing and has the funniest laugh---which then makes the whole room laugh as well. He's just the right amount of crazy, fun and sweet for our family--- and we can't get enough of him!

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