Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rainy Day Play

Our little abode has been invaded--- with sickness---all week--yuck! On Monday, Bellie started it off with Mama shortly following that night, Daddy joined in yesterday and Jared added a runny nose to the fray today (hopefully that's as far as his goes). So, not a lot has happened since then; we're just trying to get through the days. :)

Last week, we asked Jared to sing his ABCs, he got all the way to E! Greg and I gave each other a look that said 'we must have a genius on our hands--- or just a little boy who is learning way more than we realized. In our morning play time today, I got him to sing ABCs again. He's also counting, telling how old he is, and dancing around to 'here we are together' (he even lists everyone at the end). Enjoy:

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