Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Pseudo Backyard

Our Saturday was indeed 'a special day.' Mostly because it was really busy. First we went for a little hike with our friends/neighbors. It was a lot of fun; even with bad knees and toddlers. The place we went to is literally right down the road from our subdivision, our pseudo backyard, if you will. After hiking, we thought, hey let's do more hard labor by planting a garden in our real backyard... yes, we're crazy, but that's another post.

Hiking with Daddy

Mommy's still working on her self-portrait (Belle was looking up two seconds earlier)
Jared's other mode of transportation (his cheesy grin is the only kind of smile I get in pictures now). He also tried the H's hiking pack and it was sweet---now Gweg's talking about getting one... maybe next summer.

Belle was trying to sleep
Sharing Snacks

Our little families--best pic--- the lady taking it forgot to tell us when to smile--- at least someone happened to walk by
Thanks H's for showing us the beauty of our pseudo backyard!


  1. Did you guys go to Government canyon? We went there last year and then I realized it was much too hot at the time we went! We had an adventure yesterday in the Hill Country. Oh yeah!



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