Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Our little Bellie is mobile. Last week, she, like babies before her, discovered the art of rolling over continuously for transportation. For your consideration:

Exhibit A: The blanket behind her is where I put her down. A five second walk to the kitchen and back, to get her bottomless pit of a brother a snack and POOF she's facing the other way and feet from the blanket.
Exhibit B: In this instance she started under the baby jungle gym and clearly, in the picture, she is next to the gym.

Exhibit C: The next day, when going to recover her from nap time, Jared and I came across the below scene. The little girl scooted around enough to grasp her blanket and cover herself. Being the mom that I am, I ran downstairs to grab the camera before rescuing her. It's a good thing she's laid back!
What a goof!


  1. Good job little Lady and good luck Amber - this is the start of your job becoming much harder. : )

  2. Part of me is jealous that Parker doesn't roll like that yet, and part of me is glad that he doesn't roll like that yet. I can leave him places and know he is going to be okay because he just stays put. So I guess it is kind of nice that way. I'll just enjoy it while it lasts I guess.

  3. I can not wait for Meg to get down there. She is going to love being with Belle and Jared (you guys too). So cute!!!



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