Friday, April 2, 2010

March Leftovers

Since March was a busy month for us, I didn't want to skip over some of our adventures... This was just one random night I started taking pictures... All we need is Belle to smile!
Jared's friend Caleb came over for a movie night and dinner with the missionaries. The boys were obviously enjoying the movie.
Belle grabs onto anything she can reach. If she's in her car seat you'll probably see her doing this:
One day whilest doing WiiFit Plus, Jared joined in. After I got off the balance board to get a drink, he seized his opportunity to try it out for himself. (Nett that was actually purple day--- I know it was the most purple shirt he had)!
Belle fell asleep in her chair and I couldn't pass up the picture opportunity.

In fact, another night we couldn't pass up a few picture opportunities, Mama & Jared:

Daddy & Belle
The two kids we're CRAZY about:


  1. Belle is so cute sleeping in that picture! I can't believe she looks like Jared (and you and Greg).

  2. Annabelle sure is developing a personality! I've been so against having another baby anytime soon but when I look at your pictures it makes me wonder if I should still think that...



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