Saturday, April 17, 2010

In a Flash

Last night, we had a lot of rain in our part of South Texas--- when I say a lot that's what I mean--- A LOT. Keep in mind, I'm a Midwest gal and been in my fair share of rainstorms. Since we are all feeling a little yucky still, we planned on doing our errands in two quick trips. First trip was to be right before nap time--- that trip lasted all of three minutes. Right out of our subdivision, we had to turn around for home because we ran into this:
The street, which connects our subdivision to the rest of the town, turned into the run off for the 6 inches of rainfall. This truck was just able to come into our subdivision.
After coming home, we tossed the kids in the stroller and walked back down to take some pictures. This picture even made it to the afternoon newscast featuring the weather.

All of the homes are fine; our subdivision goes up an incline the further back you go. We ended up going out early evening and we could get out. Most of the flooding was gone; it was just crazy to see a river where the road was. It was also a nice little reminder of the importance of food storage. We're glad to have some, but it wouldn't hurt to have a little more because things can happen in a flash.


  1. So glad your house is okay! That could've been disasterous.

  2. Wow! I've actually never seen a flash flood before. That's pretty cool, considering. I'm glad that your house is okay, though.

  3. Yeah, that was so crazy! The biggest rainstorm since we have lived in Texas for sure!



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